Halos & Horns…Time to Rant & Rave


Sunday are days for resting, relaxing, church and family but I have decided that it will also be a day for “Halos & Horns”

Halos & Horns will be a weekly feature that you are free to join in and link up to.

It will be the one day a week that I will be able to rant about any product, company, situation, person or item. If they make that list they will be awarded “Horns”.

But it will also me a day that I will be able to praise about any product, company, situation, person or item. If they make that list they will be awarded “Halos”.

I invite you to join in and either praise or rant but please keep all rants family friendly..if you have to use language that is questionable, please don’t link up.

hornsLowe’s...I am still not happy with you Lowe’s. One Month! It took one month for you to deliver what was promised to be delivered in 5 days! One Month, 5 phone calls, 3 deliverys, 4 delivery appointments and $2000 dollars later….and not one “we’re sorry”, “how can we make this up to you?” Nothing! Will I shop again at Lowe’s…not sure! Definitely not sure.

hornsMy Gorgeous Hot Pink Pumps I fell in love with this color….a gorgeous hot pink with a rounded toe and perfect little 2′ heel. I wore them for the first time and my feet felt like they were on fire. What happened? I know I tried them on at the store. I am so sad…there is no way I can wear these!

medium_090720081720341Joe at Burger King – We stopped in to by a soda and dear Joe gave the girls a free Hershey’s Pie because they took so long. Way to go Joe…great customer service! You should call Lowes….they need some help in that department.

haloOur little neighbor girl. Wow! She really blessed us yesterday. She came over when we went out and mowed our grass! She said she wanted to “think” about somebody other then herself and she chose our family to bless! What a sweetheart *and* she did a good job. It was a great lesson to share with the twins too!

haloMy twins – They passed Kindergarten! School is over and we are out for the summer! Yeah! My hubby took us to get a yummy chocolate covered apple at Rocky Mountain as a treat yesterday!
I am so proud of them!

Ok…you’re turn! Leave a comment that you are playing and make sure you leave a link to your post too!.


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