Flowers…for Me!


A couple of weeks ago Skylar insisted that she buy me some flowers. Of course, it was my money that she wanted to use. But her heart was so sincere that I had to let her get them.

With out meaning to we have started a tradition. Since then we have purchased flowers every time we go to the grocery store. I must admit that it has been a great idea.

I have read articles in magazines and self – help guides extolling the virtues of live flowers and how they are such mood changers but I really did not give it thought until lately.

Today we bought carnations and every time I walk by they make me smile. I stop and am amazed at the colors and love the beautiful God given smell. They make me smile because my little ones picked them out together. They were excited they were the last bunch of “colored” carnations.

It was adorable as I watched them arrange each flower in the vase and then use food coloring to make the water a pretty blue.

I know the economy is in a recession but this little splurge is one that I intend to do for a while…it makes me happy.

Do something today for yourself that will make you smile….splurge just a little…it will make you smile too!


~ by iemommy on June 16, 2009.

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