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36_image.luxe_infoAt Skooba Design, our profession-and our passion-is designing exquisite cases and accessories for tech-travelers. We strive to marry quality and style with the necessary protection of an equipment case, and to create new and innovative features that you won’t find anywhere else. Features that simply “make sense” when you see and use them. We have over 15 years’ experience in designing and making protective cases and bags, an in-house product development department, and a real love of what we do (and who we do it for).

We love to talk in great detail about every component in every one of our products (probably more than people love to read about it). And of course, designs and features vary from product to product, so please browse the site and read our reviews to see all the products in detail, plus lots of other useful information.**



What do you get the man who has everything? My husband is one of the most difficult people to get a gift for…he generally has everything that he wants. Of course, along with the iPods, MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Pagers, video cameras and GPS systems comes a slew of cables, cords and 14_image.deluxe_cable_Mchargers.

When I found the Skooba Design website I had an immediate reaction to their entire line of practical and versatile products. My reaction was “YES!” They carry everything for the man or woman on the go. Laptop cases, iPod carriers, Protection system wraps and my personal favorite…the Deluxe Cable Stable.

What is a Deluxe Cable Stable? Simply put…an answer to “my” prayers. I love to be organized. I thrive on having a place for everything and everything in it’s place. My husband on the other hand….not so much. Please don’t think he is a messy person because he isn’t. He is just not as anal aggressive about being organized as I am.

The Deluxe Cable Stable is an elegant, highly efficient way to organize, store and protect all the cords, adapters, batteries, and other accessories that travel with your portable electronics”.**

When I presented him with the Deluxe Cable Stable his first reaction was perplexity. Once I explained what it was….well, he has become a changed man. He immediately put the Deluxe Cable Stable to use. It has organized his life with all the flexibility and freedom of the various pockets, cords and zippers…his colossal assortment of items can now be organized in one convenient area. I have not heard “Honey, do you know where my charger for ________is?” once  since the Deluxe Cable Stable arrived.

I know that this was meant as a Father’s Day gift...but if I am honest…and you know I will be….I think it is a bit of a gift for myself as well. What a joy to be organized…it makes life so much easier! Now instead of having to know where 5 or 6 different chargers are I only have to remember where “he” puts the Cable Stable.



The IE Mommy has arranged with Skooba Design a special discount for our readers, through the end of June only. Just enter discount code IEMOMMY and click update at checkout, and you’ll get 20% off any order (even sale items), along with free UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the continental US. Go to and select from their wide assortment of laptop bags and accessories, including products from Skooba’s exclusive US launch of Proporta iPod cases. Great timing for Father’s Day and grads!”



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**Information obtained from the Skooka Press Kit and/or Website.


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