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AMIES designs and sells stationary, fashion and gift accessories for girls of all ages. backpack_2

Founded by hip graphic designer and mom Jubily Boy, AMIES’ mission is to offer fun, age-appropriate products that capture the youth, innocence and imagination of children.

Inspired by the friendship they share with their pets, Jubily designed AMIES’ introductory, flagship collection around the most beloved pet in the world, dogs.

Just like their real-life counterparts, AMIES dog characters are sweet, silly and one-of-a-kind, with happy, friendly dispositions and unique personalities that inspire their young owners to love themselves for who they are and enjoy doing what they do best–being children.

diary_1Jubily is the mother of two precious little girls who discovered that the retail market did not carry age-appropriate products for her daughters. She wanted a product that would reflect the pure, innocent friendship and fun that children portray with out the adult edge that the retail industry likes to present.

Though her products are targeted for young girls, many adults who love anime and/or whimiscial characters fall in love with the products too. AMIES was created to be a wonderful product line that could use for personal use or gifts…for any age.



I had the honor of reviewing two wonderful products from the AMIES line. When I first learned of AMIES I loved the fact that her line of stationary, walllets, wristlets and backpacks were whimsical enough to compliment my taste and innocent enough to be appropriate for my girls. tote_3

The Chris’topher” tote is a fun, delightful medium sized tote. It has a wonderful red doggie and a delightful blue and green argyle print that can only make you smile. The twins were in a hot debate as to who would be the owner of this bag. The winner? My niece!

She is a preschool teacher and when she saw it…she loved it! I thought that her experience with the kids would be a great barometer of how “fun and popular” the Chris’topher’ tote would be. The result? Off the chart hit! Her students loved, loved it. It was a perfect size for her papers and supplies or even her lunch. The children were enthralled with the pattern and the colors. The tote fabric makes it easy to clean or throw in the wash.  The totes comes in the Sir Louis pattern and the Nicky pattern as well.

wristlet_1My favorite item to review was the Nicky wristlet. This is the perfect size for little hands to carry around and it is all the perfect size for mom’s to drop in a pair of sunglasses or to carry your key, wallet and some cash. The bright pink color with an neon green dog gives it an electric edge. The wristlet strap is attached to the zipper so you have a convenient way to literally “zip and go”. I know Christmas is a bit away but this adorable wristlet line, which includes the Fritz and Chris’topher‘, would be the ideal gift for…oh, heck….every lady on your list would love this. It is just too darn cute! But, don’t wait till then…swing by AMIES and pick up a thing or two…just to make you smile. I promise they will!


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**Information obtained from the Amies Circle Press Kit and/or Website.


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