Aloha Friday – MEN!!

alohafriday Aloha!

Welcome to our fun Aloha Friday Post.

Each week we answer and ask a question. The IE Mommy plays along with An Island answer our question, post your own and swing by An Island Life to answer their question too! Lots of fun!

Question: What is something your husband or boyfriend does…that drives you C-R-A-Z-Y (in a not good way, lol)



~ by iemommy on June 19, 2009.

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  1. OH god girl do you want me to be on here for 2 days telling you what he does that make me crazy. for start my Honey do list…is 5 yrs in the waiting!
    He drinks out of the carton and leaves it empty in the fridge
    HE farts at the table when I’m eating. Gross
    He stinks up the bathroom when I’m ready to go in in there to get a shower. HE leaves me with the kids on the weekends too so he can go work out..ya think I can sleep in just one day.
    AND he never helps me clean. NEVER…
    want to hear more. call me some time. LOL

  2. Mr. Memphis is always right. Even when he’s wrong wrong wrong! It’s so annoying!

  3. He types really loud on the keyboard and it drives me nuts!

  4. He flippin’ leaves his clothes and shoes all over the house.
    He leaves dishes all over the house or right next to the sink.
    He doesn’t throw his trash away and anything that is broken takes 5 months to get to and 5 minutes to actually fix.

    Been married a while. lol

  5. He’s a very picky eater, so preparing meals is always challenging.

  6. he leaves his things everywhere!

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