Spotlight on “Barbar Hair” (GIVEAWAY! 3800 Ionic Charger Blow Dryer)


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~ by iemommy on June 20, 2009.

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  4. I would love you to review some other hair products, such as a dry shampoo or a styling wax!

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  7. I wish I had more space on twitter! I so want this blow-dryer!!! Talk about awesome – don’t you just love being a girl!?!

  8. I just joined the Barbar newsletter. I love doing good things for my hair – and if this company can make something as rockn’ as the 3800 Ionic charger blow dryer – I want to know what else they’ve got to say!

  9. joined the Barbar newsletter ! awesome giveaway 🙂

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  11. one thing i love about IE Mommy is the “honest” reviews ! keep up the great work 🙂

    Happy father’s day!!

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  15. What could you review? How about some good bakeware? I’ve had the same cheap cookie sheets, muffin tins and bread pans for years and am thinking of getting some good ones….but don’t know whats really good!

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  27. I’d love for you to review some cookware or bakeware.

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  38. I would love for you to review an air purifier. I know that may sound ridiculous but, we seriously need one for our allergy prone family and I have no idea where to start looking. I would love to get one that removed toxins and dust from the air and improved the quality of what we breathe.

    Just my two cents:P

    ❤ sarasophia (and thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this FABULOUS giveaway…I really really would love to win!)

  39. I’d like to see a review of kids furniture from IKEA!

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    Checking out this cool giveaway for the 3800 Ionic Charger Blow Dryer on
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  43. I would love to see you review party dips and excersize video’s and lip plumpers This is a guinuine comment even though it may seem odd these are some things i waist money on so would like to see some reviews on them : )

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  48. I would love to see you review a Kitchen AId mixer

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  54. I would like for you to review a Dyson vacuum (and give one away too, please).

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  61. I would like you to review a white water kayak! That’s what we are into right now and would like to know more about them!

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  87. I would love you to review a great flat iron!

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  90. I would love to see you review the new T-Mobile Google G1 cell phone.

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