Happy Father’s Day


To every Dad, Grandpa, uncle, nephew and cousin….may today be filled with love, relaxation and sports!

I have tried to write this blog over and over. I want to write something amazing. I want to write something that honors and reflects the two most incredible men I have ever known. But, each time I start to write…..well, it’s hard.

Father’s day is bitter sweet.

“My Dad”

My father passed away in 2005 and since then this has been a very difficult holiday to celebrate. To put into words how it feels to lose the most amazing man you have ever known…is tough. My father was handsome, strong, funny, vibrant, tough, smart, and loving. I can remember his voice, his smile…even his scent. I miss him. He was my hero and my first love. I wish the girls had more time to know him. When my daughters were born I thought my father was going to bust with pride. He would tell me daily how much they made him happy just by being around. My girls will know their grandpa. They will know he loved them. I will tell them about his humor, his love for music, cars and me! I will keep him alive for Rylan and Skylar. I know he is in heaven and I can only imagine the amazing things he is seeing and experiencing but today… I miss him just a bit more.

I will forever be his daughter and he will forever be my daddy.

daddy daddy2


“My Love”

The sweet part of today begins with my amazing husband. I met my husband when he was a sexy 18 year old but he has only gotten better with time. He has the most amazing smile and eyes that are more blue then the Maui ocean. He can make me melt with one kiss and make me angry with one look! As “hot” as he was when we were teenagers…I fell in love with his spirit. My husband is a man of character. His word is a promise. He is my hero. I know that I don’t tell him very often…but I long to be more like him. His character is often described with words like “humble”, “integrity”, “honor” and “strength”.

He is the type of husband that is strong enough to let me be me. Sometimes that is a bit loud, a bit crazy and all together a control freak but he loves me. Unconditionally and forever. I know because I see it in his eyes, in the way he listens with his heart and the way he loves me and our daughters.

To Rylan and Skylar he is handsome, strong, funny, vibrant, tough, smart and loving…just like my daddy was to me. Like all daddies should be. Our girls are blessed to have him…they run to him when he gets home and are sad when he goes to work. He hangs the moon and stars for them. He is their hero and their first love.

dadtwins3 dadtwins2



To every Father out there that is taking a moment to play with their child (girl or boy) today…Thank you and Happy Father’s Day…you are showing them what it is like to me a “man” and a “hero”…keep it up….that’s what being a Daddy is all about. May God Bless each of you and your families.

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  1. awww! what a great post.

  2. I didnt have a chance to read this on Father’s day so I bookmarked it, and just read it today. So good – made me cry

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