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Abrioné is a skincare line formulated to meet the needs of both women and men who desire healthy younger looking skin. Abrioné products contain the highest quality ingredients from the finest botanical, marine and herbal sources.

Abrioné is manufactured in the United States by VB Cosmetics Inc., an Arizona based company committed to providing impeccable customer care and the best of skincare solutions. A successful team of organic chemists and biochemists are involved in all areas of product development, manufacturing and analysis. VB Cosmetics is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company. This registration is an assurance to you that VB Cosmetics is customer centric and its quality management system meets international standards.

Fast drying! High shine! Dazzle Dry nail colors; nitrocellulose free, toluene free, formaldehyde free, phthalate free, plus UV protection for long lasting color. Beautiful colors, Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers, perfect for acrylic nail polish and natural nail polish.**



I seriously do not know if I will ever buy another line of nail lacquer other then Dazzle Dry. I first reviewed the Dazzle Dry nail system in April and I was sold and won over! You can read the review “here”

What a phenomenal product! Nail polish that lasts and lasts! Easy and quick to apply….perfect!

When I discovered that they had a fabulous, funky color collection created just for Summer 2009...well…you know I had to try it! According to the latest magazines and trends the three hottest colors for the summer are Yellow, Turquoise and Purple. I love those colors! They are vibrant, happy, energetic and full of life! 158Perfect for Summer activities whether you are 14 or ahem, 40!

Thanks to It’s A Glam Thing…I was sent the Oasis, Casablanca and Sahara from the Morocco Collection. They are so very, very cool.  Because they are from the Dazzle Dry line they are almost effortless to apply. They leave your toes with a professional color and appearance.

I was immediately sold on the Sahara (yellow color on the left) because I love yellow and it is the “it” color of the season. The Casablanca was a  hit the moment I wore it. I hadn’t realize how much turquoise I had in my closet. Iit seemed to match everything, including my jewelry. Every time I wore it…someone complimented the color. But, in all honesty…I had to  warm up to the Oasis. I just was not too sure about the green color. When I applied it to my  nails…it was such a fresh, fun color. I soon found myself admiring my own nails! It 151wasn’t the green that it appears in the bottle and looks beautiful against the gold and bronze colors of summer. It is a perfect weekend and beach color.

With six colors in the Morocco Collection you can find a color to suit your taste. Whether you want a trendy Sahara Yellow or more subtle, sophisticated Afternoon Delight…you will find a bit of fresh new fashion in each bottle.

The funniest thing about nail lacquers is you can be a bit wild, trendy, sophisticated, childish, mature, fun or classic…all with a little swish of a paint brush! It changes your look, your vibe and your style…all in one little bottle.

Whatever your style…Enjoy it! Check out the Morocco Collection by Dazzle Dry.


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**Information obtained from the Morocco Press Kit and/or Website.


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