Spotlight on “Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrub” (Review)




This sugar scrub contains brown sugar and strawberry seeds that are believed to help improve circulation, cool muscles and energize tired skin. Abrioné Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrub will help soften the skin in addition to providing a totally strawberryrejuvenating and luxuriously relaxing experience. A sugar scrub with a delicious, sweet scent that can entice you to use on a daily basis!

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Cane Sugar – exfoliates
  • Dark Brown Sugar – exfoliates
  • Green Tea Extract – anti-irritant, antioxidant
  • Aloe Vera – anti-inflammatory, moisturizer
  • Strawberry Seeds – exfoliates, antioxidant



Don’t laugh when you read this but…when I opened the jar of Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrub my knees buckled! There was a sensational, wonderful smell that tantalized my senses as soon as that lid was removed.

Brown-sugar-scoop-BIf you find a better smelling scrub…then please let me know…because I think you will be hard pressed to find it.

The Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrub was created to give you an overall smoother, fresher, brighter appearance to your skin. It was a wonder gel in the shower. I spend a lot of time on the computer (obviously) and this was a superb product to alleviate my rough elbows.

I received a petite sample size to review but if this could be purchased in the gallon size…I would so buy it! I left my showers with baby smooth and silky arms and legs.

As a mom, those few “alone” moments…need to be quality time. So far everything that I have reviewed from Abrione/VB Cosmetics has been “off the chart” hits. With each product they have allowed me a few precious moments to remember I am a woman as well as a mom. The Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrubs is a little bit of luxury in a bottle. I urge you to give it a try…after all aren’t we all worth a little pampering?


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**Information obtained from the Brown Sugar Strawberry Gel Scrub Press Kit and/or Website.


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