Cast Your Vote. Petco or The IE Mommy?

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The other day we were at PetCo and had an interesting situation occur. I need to know your thoughts because quite frankly…I am not sure what to think.

We were waiting in line to pay…with a long line behind us. Finally, it was our turn at the register. The twins were standing quietly beside me (for once) when all of a sudden the lady behind us knocks over two Beta fish containers!

Crash! Went the first jar but the container was fine.

Smash! Went the second container and it broke into a million little pieces.

In a flash the cash register attendant left her register and quickly scooped up the “dying” Beta fish. As she rushed to the back of the store with the fish in hand I was initially impressed that she acted so quickly and had such a heart for animals.

But….10 minutes later I was still waiting at the register …with a long line of people behind me. Finally, a manager comes out. She opens up a second register and gets the line moving… starting with the person behind me!

After three customers that were behind me check out and the “fish” lady still MIA…I made a very loud sigh and got the attention of the manager who requested that I bring all my items over to her register. No apology was given, no explanation… and as I left the store the “fish” lady had still not returned to her register!

By the time I reached my home I was really perplexed…what should have occurred?

Should they have been more concerned for the customer or the fish? I truly have mixed emotions… so give me your vote.

Would you vote on the side of the fish or would you vote on the side of the customers?


~ by iemommy on June 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Cast Your Vote. Petco or The IE Mommy?”

  1. Umm… I guess I would think that it is understandable that she scooped up the fish and ran. She was doing her job. While I feel like you should have been attended to in the line order you stood in and apologized to for your wait I just don’t think it was handled terribly. They just needed more staff manning the registers. I am not voting for either. I vote for more employees available to help waiting customers. Sorry that you had to deal with such a crappy situation.

  2. I worked at PetCo yeeears ago. I wonder if the fish-holding girl had to fill out various incident and loss reports. Still, they could have apologized, especially since they “skipped” you. How annoying.

  3. i would have scooped the fish up and put them in a tank somewhere…they are everywhere at that place! then ran back to my register! good grief! lol

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