You Capture – SUMMER

This week on You Capture at I Should Be Folding Laundry our theme is: SUMMER
The twins are at such a great age right now….they are just fun. I don’t have to worry about diapers or bottles. They are old to enjoy the amusement parks and movies.  Here are some examples of why SUMMER Rocks in our home!

Join the fun at You Capture

P4300034Pools, Water Parks, Water Ballons and Swimming Lessons

P6260068_2Scary Rides that they are NOW big enough to enjoy!


SeaWorld and Aquariums!


Wee Hour, early morning fishing trips with Daddy!


Lots of Bike Rides!


Carnivals and Fairs!


Rides, Rides and Rides….Amusement Parks…Here we come!


Park Days, Swings and Feeding Ducks!


Zoo, Animal Parks and Adventures!


~ by iemommy on June 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “You Capture – SUMMER”

  1. Great shots! And such cuties to photograph!

  2. That’s lots of summer fun!! I want to go to Sea World!

  3. They are so adorable : ) What a wonderfully fun summer you are having. Love their pig tails to pieces.

  4. You captured perfectly the exuberance of being young. Great photos.

  5. I love the water shot!

  6. Looks like you are having a super fun summer with your girls! 🙂

  7. Adorable! Looks like tons of summer fun

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