Small Talk Six – Magic Glasses

Small Talk Six is a fun Saturday post hosted at Mom Dot. Each week we are asked a question. Each participant post their answers on their blog.

This weekend’s question:

“if you had magical sunglasses, name 6 things you would like to see with them.”

1) Just once, for just a moment the power of angels surrounding us. Like Elisha’s servant did in 2 kings 6:15-17

2) My Dad

3) My Dad playing with my girls

4) My future son in laws

5) Heaven

6) Myself through God’s eyes

I’m sorry I tried really hard to think of things that I would like to know or see and I guess that I am really content to have life unfold as it does. I couldn’t think of a lot of things…but I hope you all have fun playing!


~ by iemommy on June 27, 2009.

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