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Carolyn West’s vintage-inspired aprons and dish gloves enhance the merriment of playing Carolyn-Thumbwhimsical dress-up combined with the indulgent delights of naughty pin-ups. This range of appeal makes Carolyn’s designs perfect for gifts for all occasions.

These sets are also sweet treats for yourself and fun gifts for mothers, sisters, daughters, and brides. Carolyn mixes the domesticity of past decades with the working world of the 21st century woman by creating a business focusing on feminine domestic designs.

Inspired by a gorgeous apron and glove set from Paris, Carolyn began by discovering 1940’s patterns and bringing them to life with her modern interpretive designs. “I wanted to bring back the glamour, sexiness, and cuteness of a bygone innocent era. The gloves and fabrics are new and nicer – it’s a new and improved version of the ’40’s.”

RockNRoll_Apron_Red_Detail“I let my imagination run, and originated the embodiment of that 40’s girl in the apron and gloves, living in our ultra modern age. Suzy Homefaker slaves over a hot microwave for minutes at a time, constant hostess to all, in and around her kitchen, enticing temptress to you know who, you know where.”

You too will find yourself transformed to that frivolous and fun part of you when you become Suzy Homefaker in Carolyn’s designs.**



While the “world” may know that I am not the best cook….the “world” should also know that I like to look good. When I first learned of Carolyn’s Kitchen my thought was “I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!”.

They remind me of the classic TV shows like: I Love Lucy or Leave to Beaver. Yet, they  have a very DorothyApronAquamodern, unique, funky, fashionable appeal to them! Love it! Carolyn was kind enough to send me the “to die for” Dorothy Apron in Aqua. Oh La La. I am not sure how something practical and useful can also be sexy and daring but Carolyn has created the “magic” that makes  her aprons just that.

The first time I wore my apron I was transformed. I kid you not…I was singing while I was cooking! Yes, for a brief moment the earth did stand still as I was not just The IE Mommy but “THE” Mom of the IE…get my drift?

My husband even whistled when he saw me wearing it! He thought it was adorable. Now… was I suddenly a better cook? I am going to go on the edge and say yes! Yes, Carolyn’s Aprons made me a better cook…because I was happy, frilly and a fashion diva while wearing my Aqua Dorothy Apron. Now! I understand why June Cleaver was so hot!

Take a moment and visit Carolyn’s Kitchen…she has a wide variety of gorgeous colors and styles to choose from. My  heart beats a Miss_Liberty_Detaillittle faster every time I see the Miss Liberty and Red Rock & Roll Apron.  Did you see the matching gloves? Oh! The gloves so rock! I didn’t get a chance to review those but they are beyond cute.

Carolyn’s Kitchen Aprons give women the incentive to realize that even though we may be cooking and baking…we can still be beautiful, fun loving, sexy wives and moms!

Thanks Carolyn! You definitely brought back an “oldie but goodie”!



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**Information obtained from Carolyn’s Kitchen Press Kit and/or Website.


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