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My ChitChats was created and designed for those moments where words just don’t work. Moments when you want say a something a little more profound, meaningful or eloquent.

28I was left speechless (yes, I know hard to believe) when I received the review products from My ChitChats. They actually brought tears to my eyes. In one little box…I found an amazing assortment of items that literally spoke names to me as I unwrapped them. Without a moment’s hesitation…I knew which print or card belonged to who. Words that I wasn’t able to speak clearly were spoken to me from the My ChitChat products.

The first item I received was a breathtakingly beautiful print entitled: “His Presence”. When I initially saw this print…I knew that it had to belong to my mom. I wanted it to be a gentle reminder that although my dad has passed away…God didn’t forget about her. It was a simple way to let her know that I am here. That I am praying for her and for her peace. The print reads: He listened so deeply to my 168sorrow that I could feel his presence in my grief.”

The next item I pulled out of the box was a whimsical card. Perfect for my niece’s upcoming birthday. The card was fun, frilly and straight to the point. My niece and I have made a pact that we will send this card back and forth to each other for as long as possible. It is just so “us” is as we wrote it! The outside of the card reads: We’ve spent all our money on jewelry, purses, and shoes. While the inside reads: The rest, well, we’ve just wasted. Happy Birthday! If you knew my niece and the relationship we have…well, you would agree this card is perfect!

The next item is something that I want to encourage every mom or grandmother to purchase. This was a wonderful, enlightening, touching, silly, emotional, perfect present for a mom to give to her 140family. “Questions from the Mouths of Babes”…it is a beautiful keepsake journal. I am determined to complete it for my twins. Of course, it will be a long time before they are old enough to read it…but what a wonderful keepsake. What a great opportunity to let them realize that Mama is human and was a young girl once too! After all, don’t we all think our moms were always “moms”.  With delightful questions like: “Did you ever go parking?”, “Who was your first kiss?”, “Who taught you how to swim?” and “Did you have any pets?”…it runs the gamut from personal questions to frivolous fun.

The final item…literally took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea I was feeling as I did until I unwrapped the final card.  The card displayed a simple message but it so affected me that I knew from that moment My ChitChats would be a favorite store. I will treasure 151this card for a very long time to come. The card reads: Yes, I almost forgot but you reminded me that God still whispers my name”. How simple, how eloquent and how perfect! I don’t ever want to forget that God whispers my name.

If four products from one company can affect me in this manner? Imagine the impact you can have with your family and friends? You only have one lifetime. Sometimes opportunities happen once and briefly…don’t waste them. Take a moment and have a ChitChat. It will make a lasting memory.



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**Information obtained from ChitChats Press Kit and/or Website.


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