Seeking Wisdom at Swim Class


I am sitting here with my laptop as my twins are having swim class. I am chuckling because today they are not being very attentive. I chuckle because for once it is someone else dealing with their “why?”, “Can we….?”, Watch me” and “Oh! Did you know….?” questions.

I feel sorry for our swim teacher today. I know all too well the frustration of answering a million and one questions from two very active, inquisitive little girls.

Which leads me to think…How do I train, educate and raise these girls to glorify God? How to I take their God given curiosity, energy and never ending testing of “EVERYTHING” and show them the way to be ladies.

I am not sure! That’s about all I can say at this point. I mean I know that I will pray and seek guidance from the Bible and from others that have raised their children but as every parent knows each child is different.

I recently learned of a mother that purposefully searched for one attribute of each of her child that could be glorifying to God. One of her kids was very athletic. She taught that child that  every ball kicked, hit or thrown would be consecrated to God’s Glory. Another child had a heart for others and a third child was artistic.

I look at my girls and ask the Lord to show me how to cultivate their uniqueness and not try to hinder them because it might be easier for me to change them then to let them grow into the individuals he created.

Rylan has the greatest humor of any 6 year old I know. She is always spot-on in her comical endeavors and will pretty much do anything to make someone laugh. Thinking “outside” the box is so easy for her. You can give her blocks and rather then just build a house she creates a mansion complete with story line, a dragon and an arch-rival. Out of the entire family..she is the only one that is clearly temper free.

Skylar is passionate. She loves with her heart, she fights with all her spirit and she is always ready to correct whatever mommy does. If I call anything a ‘whatchamacallit” she will clearly instruct me on the correct term.  For instance iF you say get your pink flip flops and they are rose colored…she will let you know they are rose, not pink. She is analytical, organized and a bit of control freak. Ahh…so much like her mama. But she has a love, passion and loyalty for her family that is unmatched. Even at 6 she has absolutely no problem sticking up for the underdog.

They are my babies. But one day they will be grown and I know that I have the responsibility to create women that will glorify God. I can only pray, seek guidance and take it one step at a time.

For today…I am just trying them to be attentive during swim class…

Yes….I have a long journey ahead of me…but don’t all of us moms?


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  1. Love this post! Thank you for keeping your focus upward!!

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