Planning a Party…UGH!

partyhats1So I am planning a kid’s birthday party and all I can say is…AAAAAHHHHH!! The girls turned 6 recently and we will be having a birthday party in a very short time.  I had a crazy time trying to figure out what we were going to do.

Initially I wanted to take them to Build A Bear, John’s Incredible Pizza or the Jump Around but…I really hit a glitch in my thought process when I started talking to them about their guest list. Here is how the conversation went down.

“Ok, girls let’s get your guest list started. Which friends do want to invite?”

“oh! Wendee, Nettie….” Rylan said

“Don’t forget Sherry….” piped in Skylar

“and Pastor Rod, Pastor Ridge, Miss Laura and……..” they yelled in unison

And this point I just sat, stared and started to laugh. I didn’t even let them finish their list I was laughing so hard. You see…every person my twins mentioned are grown-ups. They are adults! The youngest is in her twenties!

These are the people that my twins consider “Friends”. They are right. Each of these wonderful people go to our church and have shown the girls…love, respect and friendship. I was touched that my little ones didn’t see them as “grown ups” but “friends”. They love our Pastors and Sunday school teachers. The Pastors’ wives and church members always create little jobs for the twins do and everyone speaks to them as if they were a vital part of the church…and they are.

I had to smile because I really wasn’t expecting my girls to think of the grown ups. I was expecting a long list of little people names…which I did get by the way. But in their heart of hearts it was the grownups that they chose first.

I think it tells me two things. One my children are very comfortable conversing and interacting with adults and two….we need to get a few more play dates scheduled this year. Both are good things.

Now my planning ideas took a hit. I mean…do I take a bunch of grown ups to Build A Bear? Do I insist they jump in the inflatable’s at the Jump Around. Lol…Oh! That is an image but I don’t think so.

We decided to create a fun old-fashioned home party complete with a water slide so that “all” my daughters’ friends. Both the 5-year olds and the 55 year olds can socialize and enjoy themselves.

We will have pizza, a ladybug cake and ice cream. It might not be fancy, glamorous or even super trendy…but after talking to my girls it is obvious they understand the meaning of friendship and having fun parties better then I do. They want “all” their friends there regardless of their age.

I really am looking forward to this party…a lot more then last year’s princess party with 25 kids!

I like this idea. I’m glad “all” our friends are going to be invited. I still not sure about preparing goodie bags though???


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