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I enjoyed watching Jon and Kate plus 8. It gave me a bit of comfort to see that there were other families that were going just a “bit crazy” with multiples. Yes, there were times I would cringe at how Kate spoke or would shake my head at home “removed” Jon sometimes seemed to be…but on the whole they seemed normal and I liked them. I wanted life to be good for them and their family.

It appears you can not stand at any grocery store check out line with out being swamped with “He said” / “She said” versions of their story. Frankly, I know the affect multiples have on a marriage, plus add the fact that everything they do is being televised. Even the “BEST” marriage would have had a hard time withstanding.

I believe there is soooo much more to this story then what the Press wants us to know. I just feel sorry for them and for their little ones. Since they renewed their vows (not so long ago) in Hawaii….it seemed an appropriate place to ask:  **I changed the question a bit because of course, everyone will side with the kids. They are the little ones who will be affected by this and they had no choice in the matter.

Question: Whose Story Do You Believe? Jon or Kate?



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5 Responses to “Aloha Friday – Jon or Kate?”

  1. niether. im on the kids’s side. lol

  2. The kids!!!!!!

  3. I do think that Jon cheated, but I also think Kate was too hard on Jon. Who knows, wish they could work it out!

  4. My feelings are it takes two two to make it work and two to let it fail if he did or didn’t cheat it’s never fully one sided and they should both be accountable for making their marriage work. 🙂 I am sad to see it come to divorce, though 🙂

  5. It is soo hard to know.. isn’t it? I think like most couples it is both sides..and they have noticeably and obviously grown apart. The sad thing is.. I don’t think it has to be over..but unfortunately with the media it seems they are holding them back from being able to deal with things correctly.

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