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The idea for came from our travel experiences with our little guy, Keegan. We started traveling with him at 8 weeks old and have not stopped. We have learned a few tricks of the trade along the way and want to make traveling with your baby easier and less stressful for parents and safer for your baby. usa

It all started with a bad experience at a hotel chain. We brought our baby with us on one of my husband’s business trips. We brought all of the essentials and wanted to use the hotels “crib” or “pack n play” for our baby to sleep in. The hotel brought us a foul smelling and beat up bed for our baby. I was disgusted as a mother to have my baby sleep in this filthy play-yard. So I called the front desk and requested another more suitable play-yard. The hotel staff brought us another one that was in worse condition and they said they only had two. We were also given a king sized sheet for this tiny baby crib, a strangulation hazard!

As a mom I wanted to warn other moms about this hotel and tell them it was not baby friendly. So over breakfast the next morning the idea for was born. It was important to us that parents be able to rate a hotel based on their baby travel experiences which are unique. So please be sure to use our “rattle rating system” to tell us about your stay with your baby, this will help other parents to make informed decisions about where to stay with their baby. By working together we can help change the travel industry to become more “baby friendly.**


79-1Baby Safe Travel would like to extend an offer to The IE Mommy readers! Receive 10% off when shopping for baby travel products in the Baby Boutique. Just use the coupon code “summertravel’ at checkout to have the discount applied to any purchase.


When I first learned of the story behind “Baby Safe Travel” my heart broke because I have stayed with my precious twins at hotels very similar to the one described in the intro above.

When you are a new parent…it takes some time to learn the “tricks of the trade”. As you seasoned parents are aware…you eventually get the hang of what to pack, what is necessary, what is just fun to have and what you had better  not ever, ever leave home without.28-1

Baby Safe Travels helps the “new” and “seasoned” parent to find a hotel that is family friendly, baby accommodating, affordable and clean! Using the “Book Your Trip” feature you can locate hotels in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and  Internationally.  Pick your city, your price range, star rating and hotel name and the Baby Safe site will find you the perfect hotel. Now, I know this list is thorough because I was reviewing some of the cities on the list and it even has Chowchilla, California! Now you have never heard of Chowchilla, well, lol…that’s is exactly the point!

I thought I would try and plan a faux mini vacation using their system. I decided to try San Diego, California…I found 171 hotels! Talk about easy access! You can even find cars and airfare using the system.

You would think that would be enough to make this site rock…but there is so much more to the site.

They have an adorable Baby Boutique that carries everything from Safety Gear to Travel Gear. The twins received the adorable lime green Trunki. It is the perfect combination of luggage and toy. They love to be able to pack and carry their own things when we go on vacation and this makes the entire situation an adventure.

You know what an organizational freak I am so my personal favorite item was the Eddie Bauer Car Organizer.

Now if finding a great hotel, car, airfare and a baby shopping boutique isn’t enough for you. Then YOU are in luck because there is definitely MORE to the site.

Want to meet other parents in your area? Use their Parent meet-up forum.

Want travel tips for your baby, toddler or multiples (boy could I have used that one!)? Use their Travel Tips forum!

and lastly…yes even good things have to have an ending! Visit one of their four blogs: Beach Baby, Adventure Baby, Snow Baby and Wild Child! is a one stop, all you need resource and shopping center. Go on…you know you want to visit…just tell them the IE Mommy sent ya!


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**Information obtained from Press Kit and/or Website.


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