Spotlight on “Earth Baby Organics Moisture Wipes” (Review)




Bottoms Up Moisturizing Wipes
  • hypoallergenic
  • certified organic ingredients
  • pediatrician recommended
  • OleoSpheres™ technology
  • manufactured in the U.S.A.

3 PACK TOWELLETES (Each Pack Contains 18 Towelletes)

Our moisturizing baby wipes make diaper duty good, clean fun.

Even the messiest diapers are no problem for our full-size natural baby wipes. They are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Contains friendly micro flora to help weed out germs. Made with soothing pumpkin and lavender extracts, these pH-balanced moisturizing wipes give you a fresh take on diaper duty.



While it has been a while since I have had to use a diaper wipe. My “testers” let me know that these were one of the softest, gentlest wipes that they have used. No red bottoms or tears as their babies were wiped.

Who wants to use a wipe that feels like it would work better exfoliating? I don’t! Neither did my panel of testers. EarthBaby Organics Moisturizing Wipes is soft to the touch and to baby’s delicate bottom.

I recently created a review on the EarthBaby Organics Company and their hair care products. You can catch up on that article “here”. EarthBaby Organics is one of those rare companies that truly has a concern for the children as well as the environment. I guess that stems from the founder also being a grandmother.

I found the Moisturizing wipes great for little faces as well as little bottoms.  With so many products to choose from…I would suggest to any mom to take a moment and visit EarthBaby Organics. Whether you are purchasing the moisturizing wipes or the detangling lotion…you know you will be purchasing a quality product.


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**Information obtained from EarthBaby Organics Press Kit and/or Website.


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