All These “Things”

crossBut seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.Matthew 6:33

When I think of this verse…I initially I wonder what are “these’ things are that they refer to?

But it is evident that “these” things are more then likely different for each person.

I don’t think I can dwell on the “things” of the verse  because the first part is so straight to the point.  “…seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness…”.

Does that mean I sit around searching the skies for the heavenly realm? No.

Does it mean that I wait patiently for the day I am called to heaven? No.

It means that my relationship with Christ needs to be first. My interaction with his word and with Him needs to be something that I do everyday. When that relationship is first in my thoughts, time and actions then the other “things” regardless of what they may be… will find a way to fit in.

I found this so true especially with my computer time. Having a blog and creating reviews can be be extremely time consuming. When I work on the computer first it seems like my day is just not right.

But surprise…when I spend time seeking the Lord first…everything seems to work out. Better yet, some things that were so important (read with sarcasm)…take their proper place and are not so intense.

Yes…Seek first the Kingdom of God“. I don’t believe it is a lesson that I have perfected but more and more I am hearing his voice say “be still”.


~ by iemommy on July 5, 2009.

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