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Bendaroos® magic wax super strong string gives children hours and hours of pleasure and fun. Its the toy that always gives kids more and new fun things to do. They are never bored with Bendaroos®! Easy to use, the enjoyment is endless simply unbend Bendaroos® to use again and again. With 500 Pieces in all, beautifully colored in Rainbow and Neon, Bendaroos® are built to last. The set includes Bendaroos® fun guide with all the imaginative activities needed to make Bendaroos® a hit with kids of all ages. Draw with Bendaroos®, they stick and stay, make animals, buildings, and more, Transform with Bendaroos®, turn ordinary items into art! Decorate with Bendaroos®, create window art, liven up frames and more. Plus Bendaroos® are a super learning tool, giving kids lessons in patience, project skills and follow through.




If you haven’t heard about Bendaroos…I have one question: “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN”?3d box 500 pack_hi res

The IE Kiddos can not go into a toy store with out asking for Bendaroos. They scream and jump up and down when they see the commercials. They have Bendaroos on the brain when we are out shopping or on car trips…”Bendaroos Brain” should be a new medical term.

Regardless of what we want to call it…my girls have it and have it bad. You would have thought that I won the lottery when I showed them the amazing box of 500 Bendaroos that we received to review.

The twins are very creative and can sit with Bendaroos for hours creating cars, jewelry, animals and even clothing or accessories for other toys. I love the fact that once you are done working with Bendaroos you can put them away and reuse! They do not bleed or blend together for a one shot deal. They can be used over and over again. The ideas are endless.

The Bendaroo site has wonderful summer activities and creative artistic ideas to inspire your little Bendaroo lover.  Look at this fun and easy Bendaroos watermelon! Doesn’t it look fun and yummy! I am telling you…that you will get as hooked on the Bendaroos as your kiddos will be.  Check out how easy it is to make the Bendaroos Watermelon.

Ideas_Watermelon_MainYOU WILL NEED:

  • 1 white building stick
  • 1 neon green building stick
  • 1 green building stick
  • 10 neon red building sticks
  • 1 red building stick
  • 1 black building stick
  • Scissors

I know there are a lot of people that give me credit for being creative but I can’t really take that title. I can’t really think “outside the box” very well. I am just really good at mimicing ideas. In fact, when I was a child I was lucky if I EVER made more then a basic car with my Legos or a tiny flower with my Play Doh! I just couldn’t do it! If someone else (like my big sisters) came up with ideas…no problem I could copy it. But to come up with my own creation. Not going to happen.

So when I see the twins having the time of their lives playing, bending, squeezing and molding the Bendaroos into everything and anything imaginable I can’t help but smile and want to play too!

Guess what? With the Bendaroos...I can create my own masterpieces too! Not just copy but actually create! Yeah Me! I find myself very relaxed when we bring out the Bendaroos. I get a chance to be “young” again and I get to hear the joy of my daughters’ laughter.

Bendaroos is (without a doubt) an incredible monetary value. The biggest value is the opportunity to have quality family time with your little ones. To allow their imaginations to soar! How many toys can really do that? Who knows? But I do know that Bendaroos does just that!


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**Information obtained from Bendaroos Press Kit and/or Website.


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  1. My son really loves his Bendaroos. I had no idea they would be so sticky though…they seem to get pretty dirty fast because of it. Still lots of fun though!

  2. I bought my set at Safeway. I hate buying things from the TV. so I was really excited to just be able to pick up the box. My problem with them is that they don’t stick together very easy. i have tried pressing very firmly as I am rolling them up(much harder then my 4 and 5 year old Grand kids can do) but they still don’t want to stick to each other. Do you need to warm them up somehow? My daughter did manage to get them to stick to a pen. I was hoping for something that with a little help they could use to create, but it seems more like they are watching me trying to get them to stick together rather then me watching them!

    • Hi Tammy,
      That’s really weird. Ours stick really, really well. In fact if you get them too warm they almost seem like they won’t come apart. The twins (age 6) haven’t had a problem at all. Have you tried taking them back to Safeway?

  3. […] I am trying to get them to be a bit more creative especially since learning of the $500 Giveaway Bendaroos is offering.  Regardless of what they are making it is fun to see my girls using their imagination and playing so well together and sharing the Bendaroos we received to review. […]

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