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Sometimes you just need a “fun” place to by  “fun” products. Items that are out of the ordinary, entertaining and unique. DSC_16239_360

Budget Gadgets carries everything! Seriously! Are you looking for a cell phone holder…Budget Gadgets!  Looking for a clock? Budget Gadgets! Knife? Toys? Slippers? Tools? Yep,  you guessed it! Budget Gadgets.

The twins received the Battery Powered Happy Zoo Electronic Organ and “we” had a blast trying out new songs and creating silly rhymes. Now, I have to say there was one little glitch. Seems like our little organ had a manufacturer’s defect….every time you pushed the button that looked like a bear…it made a frog noise! The twins are the ones that noticed it first and they thought it was hilarious. They would run up to me and say “mama, listen!” hit the bear and crack up. I am so glad they have a wonderful sense of humor!

You will not find the ordinary at this  site…but you are guaranteed to find light-hearted, unique items. That will make you smile, giggle or laugh.

I found quite a few items that I would have a fun time reviewing from Budget Gadgets.  Such as the Green Crocodile Game (my twins would think this was great fun) and the Rhinestone Stainless Steel Wrist Watch for Women V1 (it looks beautiful) and the Portable Slim Aluminum Desk for Laptop Notebooks would be a perfect accessory to my mobile office unit.

Need a smile today? Swing on by Budget Gadgets.



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**Information obtained from Budget Gadget Press Kit and/or Website.


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