Spotlight on “RocketLife” (Review)


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A Little About Rocket Life:

The Product Line:

With RocketLife, consumers can create amazing (and cool!) products with their own digital photographs. It’s easy and fast: there’s no long download, no user name or password; RocketLife%20Desktop%20smallRocketLife uses the pictures the consumer selects from their own memory storage device (hard drive, CD, jump drive, etc.).


Build mugs, T-Shirts and other keepsakes including over 50 different types of books – from portrait to landscape, hard or soft cover RocketLife automatically adds drop shadows and graphics and layers; all the professional elements that make it look real.


Using the built-in Smart Arrangement technology, a customer selects their photos and within seconds they see a beautiful product appear on the monitor. All of their photos will be arranged in just the way they would to really tell the story of their memories.



What Does The IE Mommy Think?:

I literally spent over 2 hours on the Rocket Life website! Not because it was a difficult website but because it was so incredibly, amazingly easy, fun and thorough! I had to try out everything.RocketLife%20Mugs Every feature, every button and every little editing tool.

A few years back we took an amazing trip to Hawaii. I have always wanted to put all the pictures (about 200) into one book. I use to scrapbook and that was my “dream” book but life  become a bit more hectic and the scrapbook idea went to the wayside. I swore one day I would print them out. But that never happened either.

When asked to do the review on Rocket Life I  had no idea how much I would enjoy this phenomenal site. Now, the hardest part (and even that wasn’t hard) was that I had to download a more recent version of Internet Explorer for my PC.  Currently you can only access RocketLife with a PC. It is not MAC accessible. Once I had my  updated version of Internet Explorer downloaded…I was off and running.

I downloaded 200 pictures in less then 15 minutes!! Are you listening? 200 High Resolution photos in less then 15 minutes! I have lost count on the number of photo sites that I gave up on because the download was so s-l-o-w.  After downloading all 200 photos I was able to pick my style, colors and theme for my book.  One click of a button and almost instantly my book was created. The Rocket Life system even automatically arranges the photos chronologically!

The editing was sensational. I could edit photos, backgrounds, layouts, angles, captions, text….I truly believe the options were limitless!

I ordered an  8×11 photo book and I can wait until it arrives. I almost can’t sit still! But RocketLife doesn’t just do books. They also offer an assortment of  mugs, calendars, t-shirts, cards, stationary and an incredible cool mural Tile Photo. RocketLife%20Premium%20Books

I was torn between the Mural Tile and the Photo book. I chose the Photo books after searching the design themes. I knew that this was my opportunity to create my dream book.

This is not going to just be any photo book…this will be something that I will pass down to the twins and they will pass on to their children. As soon as it arrives…I will have to vlog about it.

If you are looking for an exceptional, one-of-a-kind gift. RocketLife is “the” perfect place to find it.  You will have a hard time finding a photo site that is more interactive or that has better designs.

I know where I will be shopping this holiday season. Rocket Life Rocks!


**Information obtained from  Rocket Life Press Kit and/or Website.



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