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To understand the foundation of UV Skinz, you must understand the legacy from which UV Skinz was born. You must understand Darren’s story.

Darren Lee Farwell was always up for an outdoor adventure. An avid surfer and darren_boyssnowboarder, Darren couldn’t begin to count the number of serious sunburns he had suffered as a kid. He was not aware that just one severe sunburn during a child’s first fifteen years could double the chance of developing skin cancer as an adult. Darren was young and full of life and never thought about skin cancer or how deadly it could be.

The reality of skin cancer touched Darren in 1996 when he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Darren stayed positive and lively for his three young boys, Ethan, Seth and Caleb and never gave up hope during his long five-year battle with the disease.

On September 14th 2001, at the far-too-young age of 32, Darren succumbed to skin cancer. The legacy that Darren wanted to leave was to encourage people to “stay healthy” and to take responsibility of their bodies.” Darren’s wife, Rhonda Sparks, her family and the couple’s friends founded the Darren Lee Farwell Foundation on December 1st, 2001 to help fulfill Darren’s legacy.

The Foundation was created to raise general public awareness of the ever-growing dangers of UV radiation from the sun; to educate children and adults as to how to protect themselves from over-exposure by using sunscreens, hats and UV protective clothing; and to facilitate early detection of skin disease by teaching people to be aware of their bodies and to look for the warning signs of skin cancer development.

In subsequent years and in tune with her “live safely under the sun” philosophy, Rhonda would travel to Hawaii and bring home surf rashguards as sun protection for her sons. Friends would ask where they could get more and Rhonda found that the shirts were very difficult to find. When she could find shirts, either the styles were undesirable and/or the sizes were very limited. Recognizing the consumer demand married with the passion to protect children from the damaging effects of the sun, Rhonda jumped into two years of research and development. In the Spring of 2005, UV Skinz was born.**

Skin cancer is 100% preventable if caught early!

Protecting your skin during the first 18 years of life can reduce the risk of some types of skin cancer by up to 78%. Darren wants his children and ALL children to be safe from the dangers of the sun. But we must take action toward eradicating this disease. Educate yourself! Enjoy all that life has to offer under the sun but BE SUN SAFE!**




I don’t burn often but I have had a couple of burns that have left me in tears. Years before I had little ones I went to the beach and lathered up with suntan lotion (yes, it was stupid, stupid and stupid but let’s just blame it on youth, shall we?).P00139_1R

I remember coming home and my skin feeling like it was on fire. I applied aloe gel, sunburn lotion and nothing. I truly felt like I was on fire. Finally I caved in and called my mom. She rushed over with burn ointment. I mean the literal lotion that they use on burn victims (my mom is a CNA). I clearly recall thinking if child birth is worse then this….I am going to die when I have children. Believe me I was not being dramatic. I hurt! My poor mom was ready to rush to the emergency room if the ointment did not work. Eventually, the pain subsided along with the tears. But the memory remained for a very long time….

I have to remember that story even more now because I have children. There is something about Summer time, kids and water. During the summer they seem to conjoin and become one entity. Well, at least that is how it is with my girls.

They love the water. They love the sunshine. They can not get enough of either one. I worry about my girls because they are much lighter skinned then I am. They have the genetics to burn and the history of cancer on their paternal side. It is my duty as their mom to protect them.

P00206_1RThe back story on UV Skinz spoke to my heart and made me realize that this was not just a company that focused on swimwear. No, this was a company that had a desire to protect our children and to help prevent another person from having the heartache of losing someone to skin cancer.

We were able to review the UV short sleeve  Flutter butterfly rashgard shirt and the matching light pink girrls’ board shorts. With over 35 patterns, styles and designs of  UV Skinz rashgard shirts alone. You are destined to find a  a design that will fit your little surfer dude or dudette. I found that the clothings was comfortable, breathable and form fitting. I was not worried that the material would be too heavy or bulky. It was clear that we were sent well constructed, quality garments. They were beautiful and a blessing.

You will have confidence in the garment you receive becase all the UV Skinz shirts are designed with UPF 50+ . They provide full back, chest, and arm coverage while the unique breathable, silky soft swimshirt design allows for maximum range of motion.** Created with the concept that children love the outdoors, they love the water and they love the sunshine. Why shouldn’t they? It’s awesome to enjoy the summer activities. You know there is an old say “Just because you can….doesn’t mean you should”

The way I figure just because you can enjoy the outdoors, the waters and the sunshine doesn’t mean that you should without sun protection. UV Skinz allows our children the freedom to enjoy being a kid and provides parents the reassurance that our children are a bit more safe.



ONE (1) Lucky IE Mommy reader will WIN a UV Skinz Shirt of their choice!

P00036_1R**Example shown is NOT indicative of the prize that will be awarded. It is merely an example of the styles available. **

Ends MIDNIGHT (PST) – July 17th.
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on July 18th.
Contest Open to U.S. Residents Only at this time.


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**Information obtained from UV Skinz Company Press Kit and/or Website.


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