This Summer Go Au Natural with LashFood

Oh the humidity! Summer is here and the temperature is rising which means your make up doesn’t stand a chance. Why waste your time with mascara smudged raccoon eyes? LashFood, a natural eyelash conditioning stimulator, is the cure to limp, lifeless lashes without the mess.

What is LashFood?


LashFood is a natural eyelash conditioning stimulator with herb extracts to provide you with longer, darker, thicker lashes naturally. It is applied just like eye liner, and provides results within 2-4 weeks. With LashFood everyone can enjoy swimming, jogging, beach volleyball and other outdoor summer activities without feeling less lush in the lashes department. So put down the mascara wand and start enjoying your summer.

Stay tuned…..The IE Mommy will be reviewing soon!


~ by iemommy on July 8, 2009.

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