Spotlight on “Eggshell Shopping Bag” (Review)




Driven by a commitment to reduce waste, their goal is to tap into your sense of style to motivate you to make small changes in your daily lives to ensure a better berry_largelife for future generations. In fact, future generations were the inspiration for the name.

Plastic Bags:  It is estimated that the United States consumes 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually requiring approximately 12 million barrels of oil. (Wall Street Journal)

Paper Bags:  In 1999, the American Forest and Paper Association reported that Americans used 10 billion paper shopping bags, consuming 14 million trees.



I have to make a confession…I absolutely am addicted to shopping bags and recyclable totes. I have then in all colors, sizes and from a zillion different companies. I just love them. I use them for everything.eggshell_large

When I first saw the Eggshell Shopping Bag I thought it was the prettiest color of blue, just a tiny hint of green and a gorgeous brown scroll. What I didn’t experience in a picture was the quality of the bag.

I was more then pleasantly surprised with I received it. The shopping tote is made of a strong canvas with a wide 1″ strap. Because of the material it is durable, washable and fold able. This is a perfect little tote to take with you inside your “main” purse or even on vacation as a carry on or in your luggage.

Available in 7 different colors that include solids, circles and stripes and priced at $18 it is a bag that will be used over and over.

You can find this wonderful bag and the other variations at Chic Blvd. In fact, while you are there…don’t forget to sign up for ChicMail!


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**Information obtained from the Eggshell Shopping Bag/ChicBlvd Press Release and/or  Website


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