Aloha Friday – All About Dessert

alohafriday Aloha!

Welcome to our fun Aloha Friday Post.

Each week we answer and ask a question. The IE Mommy plays along with An Island answer our question, post your own and swing by An Island Life to answer their question too! Lots of fun!

We will be throwing our twins a 6th birthday party soon….so that prompted me to ask….

Question: What is our FAVORITE dessert?



~ by iemommy on July 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “Aloha Friday – All About Dessert”

  1. Raspberry Russian Creme — we fell in love with it at our favorite little cafe. I wouldn’t say to die for, because well then you couldn’t eat it! So it’s to live for 😀

  2. Boston Cream Pie or Cream Cheese Brownies…yum!!!!

  3. Cookies! But for a party you have to have a Costco Cake with Buttercream Frosting…Delicious! Good luck with their party, six is such a fun age!

  4. My favorite dessert is either chocolate molten cake from chili’s or apple dumplin at cracker barrel!

  5. I love everything cheesecake and it is apparent on my foodishways blog.

  6. Anything chocolate, especially chocolate molten cake (you know, the kind that is half baked in the middle) YUM.

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