Spotlight on “Where Brides Go” (Review)




 For some women…their wedding days are something they dreamed of for their entire lives. From the time they were little girls they knew what they would wear, where they would marry, their color schemes and their flowers.

It doesn’t really matter if you were this little girl…because we all have one thing in common if we are married. Our wedding day symbolizes a special moment in our lives.

A moment that will never happen again. You treasure all the little nuances and mementos from that day. Why not keep them in  a special place. Where Bridges Go has a phenomenal assortment of wedding supplies. From the mundane (like place cards) to the extraordinary like the Octagon Wedding Box.


This wedding card box is not only personalized, but can be used after the wedding as a case to display the wedding couples cherished wedding keepsakes. It is made of double strength, UV protected glass and mirror. Each box is made with mirror on the bottom and in the back on the back three panels. 

It is supported by a beautiful furniture grade moulding that is available in four different colors: Cherry, Black, White, and Gold. The box is designed with a slit in the top to allow for cards and envelopes. The lid hinges open from the back to retrieve cards and to display your keepsakes. **

I know that I wanted every detail of my wedding to be perfect so if you are like me swing on by Where Brides You will be excited that  you found a perfect place to help you create your perfect dream wedding.



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**Information obtained from the Where Brides Go Press Release and/or Website


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