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Now I know what you’re thinking…banner companies are a dime a dozen and there are a lot of options to choose from.  So why Because is not only a business…we understand that there are times when you just need to celebrate.  With all the bad things that are constantly in the news about the economy, the stocks, and so much more, we decided to take a step back and laugh again.  It’s OK to throw a birthday party, a wedding celebration, and even a Fourth of July party.  It’s OK to celebrate that happy day again, and you can do it with hip, modern designed banner at a fairly cheap price. $24.99 for most 2’x4′ banners that look good and don’t hurt your pocketbook.  We’re not the “Lordy, Lordy, look who’s 40” banners printed on paper.  We print directly on 10oz vinyl, complete with hems and grommets so that you can hang that banner with ease.  We have lots of hip designs to choose from, and you can personalize each one.

So who’s behind the happiness that is  Well, it’s Think Signs LLC of course.  But Think Signs LLC has two owners, Cynthia Johnson and Michelle Hexum, who also happen to be the owners of this site.  We’re just two moms and business women who look for every reason in the book to throw a celebration.  Cynthia manages the day to day tasks of artwork, website management, and marketing.  Michelle manages the invoicing, billing and ordering.  Together, along with their husbands, two printing facilities, and several employees, we manage a million dollar + company that produces and distributes digital printing products all over the country.




Even though I read in their bio and on their website that their banners were not paper but vinyl I was still shocked when I received my package. I guess I am a bit more dense then I thought. But when I opened and unrolled the birthday banner for the twins’ birthday celebration…I was IMPRESSED!

Wow! This was a gorgeous banner. Vivid colors, quality vinyl, hemming and grommets. Incredibly fast delivery and wonderful attention to detail. I was able to chose from a number of banners and decided on this adorable garden fairy princess. Initially the banner had only one fairy but Cynthia was kind enough to incorporate two fairies to symbolize each of the twins.

In fact, the theme of our birthday celebration (ladybugs  and gardens) stemmed from this banner and centered around this theme. Now, think about that for a moment….I was so impressed with the product I received from …I planned the entire IE Kiddos birthday around it!

The girls have had various “paper” banners and after one use, they are torn, ripped and sometimes even smeared. But this banner has already been used three times, sat outside in 100 degree weather and has been nailed and stapled to our wood fence …it is still beautiful.

I love the concept that any day is a good day to be happy and definitely contributes to those ideals and theories. With the wonderful starting price point of $24.99 you can make any occassion extraordinary with a quality, custom banner.

Swing by and check out their wide assortment of banners, styles and designs. You will never shop for another banner any place else once you have visited



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