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Story behind the hip-T? You bet! After years of loving and living in our low rise jeans and layering t-shirt over t-shirt, we had to acknowledge there was a problem. Daily activities such as sitting at a restaurant or bending to tie a shoe were met with constant rear end exposure of one type or another. To make matters worse, we were tired of dealing with bulky messy layers of t-shirts in hopes of camouflaging what might make an appearance with the next bend and snap!Let’s not forget, layering in itself is a great look. So, whether it was butt crack hanging out of the trunk, or using that thin sweatshirt as an additional “cover-up” accessory around the waist, something had to be done short of walking away from the investment we had made in the denim department.
It is true, the best products are the simple ones which make our lives easier and more comfortable. With that in mind, we took an old white t-shirt and cut the bottom half off. We slipped it on around the scene of the crime and layered with another t-shirt. Now it was time for the test – a good deep squat in front of the mirror. Hey – no thong exposure, no bum cleavage and no t-shirt tangle. How easy! The first hip-T was resurrected from the depths of the t-shirt drawer. hip-hip hurray!

Whether you spend your day at a desk in school, the office, or simply find yourself bending to tie a youngster’s shoe a dozen times a day, you deserve a protected rear view. We all have had wacky ways to hide the side (or rather back end) effects of our favorite jeans. Our company, g3 Originals is committed to providing ladies everywhere with an easy, comfortable and stylish way to cover their assets and clean up the rear view for everyone’s viewing pleasure.**


basic_whiteI can totally and completely understand the concept of My Hip-T. I have stood or sat behind many a lady who were showing the world just a bit too much, if you know what I mean? I have had to fight the urge of pulling down a t-shirt or lifting a pair of pants from strangers that I have seen. Seriously…I have thought about it!

While I am not necessarily a low-rise jean or thong person…I have a bit of a different problem. My Hip-T became the life saver.  My problem = T-shirts that are too short. It seems that in today’s clothing market T-shirts are either super long and go waaaay past my butt or are super short (meant to show your belly). I am only 5.3″….I don’t need a l-o-n-g shirt making me look shorter or my behind bigger…so I opt for the shorter shirt. With a DD sized bust line my short shirt gets even shorter! Ugh! The frustration! Believe me…no one, no one needs to see my belly (I had twins, remember?)

I was thrilled when I reviewed the black My Hip-T.  Yes!! It covered the low rise and thong area but it most certainly covered the tummy area and now my too short t-shirts…looked perfect! The My Hip-T is a comfortable, stretch fabric that fits slimingly over my jeans. I original_whitefound that it helped to remind me to suck it in and stand up straight.

I gave My Hip-T the “big” test recently when I was decorating for a church function. I had to be on top of a ladder, arms raised hanging decorations from the ceiling. It was a wonderful feeling know that I wasn’t flashing anyone below me.

My Hip-T offers sizes xx-small to 3XL and 19 color choices and styles. Like Christine and Kelly mentioned in their bio (above) it is a simple concept….but sometimes simplicity is perfection!



ONE (1) Lucky IE Mommy reader will a Hip-T of their own!


Ends MIDNIGHT (PST) – July 25th.
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on The IE Mommy Blog
Contest Open to U.S. Residents Only at this time.


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**Information obtained from the My Hip-T Press Kit and/or Website.


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  1. I entered their weekly giveaway and told them you sent me!

  2. I would love to have a black Hip-T because I have some tops that are just too short and this would be the perfect solution AND it looks so cute!

  3. You are in my technorati faves.

  4. I subscribe!

  5. i entered the weekly contest @ hip-t

  6. i would like this becuase i think it looks very stylish and neat.


  8. I entered and Hip-T and told the IE Mommy sent me!

  9. I would love to have a hip t so I can cover my uh “assets” too!

  10. I subscribe.

  11. My butt is shaped in a way where jeans… just don’t stay up! I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time to be able to sit without flanting all I’ve got lol

  12. Entered MyHipT’s contest

  13. I entered their giveaway and told them you sent me there. I would like to win so that I can give it to my Niece who just has her baby girl this past Friday July 10th. Her son was born 19 years and 4 days prior. I’m sure she would find it useful.

  14. I happily subscribe to your blog via e-mail.

    prpldy at

  15. I signed up for the contest and told them you sent me!

  16. I have a lot of shirts that are too short and with this I could wear them!

  17. I subscribe

  18. I entered and put your name

  19. i am currently trying to hide the muffin top.

  20. i foolow @independentmami
    and tweeted

  21. Entered the weekly Hip-T contest, I would love to win one for my daughter she been asking for one for school.

  22. […] […]

  23. OH man! What an AWESOME idea! Because of my shape, my shirts always want to slide up and pants down so this would be awesome and maybe help with the figure to, eh?

  24. I entered to win My Hip-T’s weekly contest. I told them the IE Mommy sent me.

  25. I would love to win this as I wouldn’t have to worry about showing the skin that doesn’t need to be shown. So many tops I buy are not long enough and it’s too hot to always layer another full shirt or tank underneath.

  26. I entered to win My Hip-T’s weekly contest and told me you send me 🙂

  27. i would love a hip shirt because as further i get along in my pregnancy as shorter my shirts get because the Belly gets bigger 🙂

  28. subscriber 🙂

  29. i entered My Hip-T’s weekly contest.

  30. i’d love to win one so i wouldn’t have to constantly worry about showing too much.

  31. I’d love to win this product because it’s a great way to hold the tummy in and give you coverage.
    PS-I’ve also entered in Hip-T’s weekly contest.

  32. I entered their weekly contest.

  33. I’d love one since I wear lowrise jeans, more comfortable but sometimes it reveals too much!

  34. I’ve enter the HipT contest!

  35. I’d love to have one since I haven’t lost all my pregnancy weight so my clothes still ride up some.

  36. I’m a subscriber

  37. I would love to win one of these shirts because alot of my shirts are too short and I have big hips so when I bend ove my hips show.

  38. i entered at hip t and told them ie mommy sent me 🙂

    i would love one of these for my 17 year old daughter she is always wearing tshirts or tank undershirts 🙂

  39. dang it i do it every time i put both in as one

    i would love one of these for my 17 year old daughter she is always wearing tshirts or tank undershirts 🙂

  40. subscriber

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