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divider3 A LITTLE ABOUT FRUIT 2 Day:

What is Fruit2day?

  • Fruit2day is a new way to eat fruit — it’s a drinkable and edible fruit snack with real fruit bits, unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Evolution of Fruit

  • Americans are looking for ways to get more fruit in their diet. fruit-2-day
  • In fact, 90% of Americans don’t eat the USDA recommended amount of fruit each day
  • Without peels, pits, or sticky fingers, Fruit2day provides natural fruit nutrition for today’s on-the-go lifestyles
  • It’s compact and portable for anytime you crave fresh fruit

Smart Nutrition

  • Each bottle of Fruit2day is perfectly portioned, with two servings of fruit in each 6.75 oz. bottle
  • It has no added sugar or preservatives
  • Each bottle contains only 110-120 calories depending on the flavor
  • Fruit2day is naturally high in Vitamin C –  an antioxidant that can help support a healthy immune system and maintain healthy skin
  • Offered in a 2-pack to fulfill daily fruit requirements for an average adult
  • Fat-free

Already a hit in Europe, Fruit2day blends a variety of real fruit bits, rich fruit purees,
and natural fruit juices in four great-tasting flavor combinations.**


I have a family that loves fruit. They actually crave it and beg for it at the grocery store. I am not kidding my girls get all excited and giggly when we approach the fruit section of the grocery store.  It’s a taste they get from their daddy.

Me? Not so much! I like fruit…I just don’t crave it. I don’t ever think “Wow, I could sure use an apple right now”.  Chocolate, yes. Apples, no.fruit2day

I thought that Fruit2Day would be a great way to get the extra Vitamin C and vitamins that I lack by not being a big fruit eater. Man! I did not know the war I was going into….as soon as Fruit2Day arrived at my house…it was all I could do to get the IE Daddy and the IE Kiddos to share.

Immediately everyone declared their favorite! The twins loved the Strawberry Orange and the Cherry Grape.  The hubby chose the Mango Peach.

The Fruit2Day website clearly states “It’s not juice, it’s a snack” and they are so right. I was a bit surprised in the beginning when I tasted actual plump juicy pieces of fruit inside the bottle..but the surprise turned to enjoyment because these goodies are delish!

I may never be a person that will stick and apple in their backpack but I would definitely take these yummies with me to field trips, events and just every day hanging out with the kids.

I knew they were a big hit when my wonderful husband recently asked me if we could get some more.

Fruit2Day is perfect for the fruit lovers (like my family) because they are fresh tasting, fulfilling and completely full of flavor. They are also perfect for the tentative fruit eater (like myself) with juicy, intense flavors that make your mouth smile. Yes, I  know that’s a bit corny but it’s true. I have to say….I liked them so much that I found a personal favorite also…yummy Pineapple Banana. It’s like Hawaii in a bottle! Seriously…it’s that good!

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**Information obtained from the Fruit2Day Press Kit and/or Website.


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