Straight to The Point!


Sometimes kids really know how to let you “have it” so to speak. They do it innocently but ouch!

Recently while on an outing with my family Skylar and I got into an “I Love you more” debate. You know “no, I love you more” vs “no, I love you the more” and so on. It went on for a while until Rylan decided she had enough!


Skylar: “Mama, I would die with out you!”

Mama: “Skylar, “I” would DIE with out you”

Skylar: “No, “I” WOULD die!”

Mama: “NO! “I would D-I-E!!!”

Skylar: “No, Mama…my heart would break and I would die without you”

Mama: “No baby…you’re my life…”I” would die without you!!”

Rylan: “You’d both die, and I  would put you in the same box and bury you!!! Sheesh!”

One look from my husband and we cracked up! Meanwhile Rylan is in the back mimicking Skylar and I “no, I would die…no I would…”

Sheeessh….some people are so touchy!


~ by iemommy on July 18, 2009.

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