Spotlight on “Nourish Me Eniched Body Lotion” (Review)




What is Belli’s “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion?57-big

“Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion is a pure and gentle hydrating cream which features essential ingredients for new, developing skin.  The main ingredient in this product is the essential oil of chamomile which is used to soften, smooth and soothe the skin. (Retail Cost $19.00)

Tips to Keep Baby’s Skin Safe in Sunny Weather

  • Moisturize your baby’s skin daily to prevent it from dehydration and irritation
  • When in the sun, apply SPF 50 (at least) to your baby several times through out the day
  • Keep your baby’s head protected with a hat to avoid their scalp from getting sun burn
  • Pick a spot near shade so the baby’s skin doesn’t have too much exposure to the sun



Don’t just use this on your baby! Are you crazy? Use it on yourself as well! I did and it was pure joy!

Belli has always been concerned with care for both baby and moms. The Nourish Me Enriched Body Lotion immediately jumped  to the top of my favorite skin lotion list.  Yes, I have a list of all sorts of products that are my faves.

This is the perfect lotion for summer time. It is light, gentle and very delicate to my skin. Let’s not mistake that for not working because it worked. It worked beautifully. I know this sounds funny but every time I use the Nourish Me Lotion I find myself touching my skin over and over.

I recently went to a Spa Day Event where companies go to promote their products and was talking to a lady who claimed her “buffing lotion” would work wonders on my skin. I let her try a sample on my skin. She rubbed it in, she buffed it off and wiped the area with a moist towelette. “There she said…feel how smooth”. I did. I thanked her. I left.  It was all I could do to not laugh. She left my skin red, raw and kind of sort of soft.

I kept touching my arms. One had the Belli Nourish (applied 4 hours prior) and the other was this “fancy” lotion. I thought the Belli arm was softer but I wasn’t sure if I was just being prejudice or not. When I met up with my husband I asked him to feel both my arms. Which was softer?, I inquired.  Yep, you guessed it…he chose the arm with the Nourish Me Lotion! Rock on! I was right!

My lesson: Don’t spend $80 on something that hurts and doesn’t work when the Nourish Me Lotion  is a mere fraction of the cost and works like a charm!

Hee, hee…I totally feel like I found a diamond mine that no one knows about.  The Nourish Me Enriched Baby Lotion makes my skin feel baby soft, gentle to the touch like fine baby powder and sweet smelling. Perfect for the summer months and can be shared with mom and baby. I love it!



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**Information obtained from the Belli Skin Care Press Kit and/or Website.


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