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Your browser may not support display of this image. Big Eye Dummies are designer plush dolls with interchangeable eyes and mouths. Each doll comes with 2 sets of eyes and mouths, along with its own back story. Big Eye Dummies are approved for all ages but recommended for 2 and up. The eyes and mouths come gently sewn down. To start playing, simply cut and remove the threads . . . and the mix ‘n match fun begins!

Big Eye Dummies are designed and created in New 
York City by David Lipson, a dumdum himself since 
the 2nd grade and a professional Animation Producer and Director who has worked on TV shows, including Word World (PBS), Lizzie McGuire (Disney Channel), Schoolhouse Rock (Disney), and shorts for Sesame Street (PBS).

Big Eye Dummies are awarding winning, too! They received Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award.

Says David: “Big Eye Dummies offer several major innovations to the plush doll market, such as using high quality thread to hold them together instead of staples or nails. Another breakthrough was filling them with fluffy soft stuffing instead of rocks or bricks. Focus testing has shown that these improvements seem to really enhance the ‘cuddle and snuggle’ factor for children.”

But seriously now, independent laboratories in America test all products, and comply with the European and American Toy Safety Standards (EN-71, ASTM F963). The dolls retail for $19.99 and can be purchased at



When I first learned of Big Eye Dummies with their interchangeable eyes and mouths...I was like “What?”. I never really had thought of the concept of designer plush toys. I figured that a Slicka_webstuffed animal was a stuffed animal! Since I have TWO girls….I knew I would always have a gazillion stuffed animals in my home. Plain and simple!

But I have to remember that my girls are not your average frilly little girls….they love dirt and adventure. Mischief and mayhem is definitely in their DNA. When our new friend, Slicka, arrived at the door…they were in  heaven. He is a fun, lovable stuffed animal that was also rough and tumble.   Each Big Eye Dummie comes with 2 sets of eyes and mouths that are removable and interchangeable.

All mom has to do to get them ready for play  is cut the strings that attach the eyes and mouth to the toy when it first arrives. Slicka was hilarious to play with. Each child had to share wtih me their “Slicka” look as they would change its eyes and mouth. I only wished that the toy has a zippered pouch inside his body so that you could store his extra eyes and mouth. Other then that…Big Eye Dummies are fun, entertaining, appealing and well thought out. Big Eye Dummies will appeal to the frillist of little girls and the most rough and tumble of little boys.

David Lipson (creator of Big Eye Dummies) has a lot of vision and creativity. You can see it in his line of toys as well as line of robots. The robots are phenomenal. Check it out “here”.

My girls love to use their imagination. Slicka is definitely one of those toys that took us beyond our imagination and left the doors open wide for adventure!



ONE (1) Lucky IE Mommy reader will Win – (1) Big Eye Dummie of their very own

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Ends MIDNIGHT (PST) – July 31st
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on The IE Mommy Blog
Contest Open to U.S. Residents Only at this time.


  • TO ENTER :

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    • *This entry is mandatory, if not followed then all other entries will be disqualified.

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**Information obtained from the Big Eyed Dummie Press Kit and/or Website.


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  1. Disco the cow is my favorite.

  2. we like squeaky the giraffe

  3. Fact:they make excellent gifts for someone in prison

  4. Reggie is my daughter’s favorite.

  5. I like Reggie. Thanks for the chance.

  6. We like Squeaky McGee

  7. Big Eye Dummies can only eat Mexican food.

  8. I like Squeaky McGee!!!!!

  9. Squeaky’s bedtime is currently 8:15pm but he’s trying to get it changed to 8:30p!

  10. My favorite is Squeaky McGee.

  11. The fact is:Big Eye Dummies love hugs and kisses, but prefer the cash instead.

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  13. I like the Squeaky McGee. Such a cute little giraffe!

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  17. u have to cut the little yarn attachements to interchange the eyes and mouths when u first get them. it took my slow butt awhile to figure that out

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  20. Big eyed dummies is already added to my Fb account

  21. I like Milton!


  22. They are so cute…I can’t pick just one! I love Slicka and Squeaky McGee.

  23. Sometimes kids love their Big Eye Dummy more than their parents!

  24. I became a fan on facebook – Christine Wember

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  26. REGGIE!!!!!

  27. Reggie once saw a fish in a pond and tried to save it from drowing. This makes him a SUPER DUMMIE!!!!!

  28. I like Reggie.

  29. Fact: Big Eye Dummies can only eat Mexican food.

  30. I love Slicka the Penguin

  31. Fact #9: If you give a Big Eye Dummy to your next door neighbor they will either buy you a pony or call the police and move away.
    This is my favorite Fact.

  32. I love Squeaky McGee, so cute!

  33. Big Eyed Dummies Facebook fan- Kristy H

  34. FACT- Big Eyed Dummies make excellent gifts for people in prison! LOL!

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  36. Hanna Hopper is my fave!

  37. Big Eye Dummies love hugs & kisses but they prefer cash instead! =D

  38. I love Squeaky McGEe the giraffe! He is so cute. I love the way that you can change the eyes. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. My favorite Big Eye Dummies is Milton!

  40. I found out that Big Eye Dummies make excellent gifts for people in prison. Thanks for the chance to win

  41. A Big Eye Dummies Fact: They make excellent gift for people in prison!

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