Spotlight on “IBW Books” (Giveaway)


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~ by iemommy on July 22, 2009.

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  1. I think this is great

  2. I learned that the Pre-K cuuriculum teaches reading readiness, listening and sequencing, position and direction, gross and fine motor skills, colors and shapes, numbers, size, time, and social-emotional development.
    Thank you for this giveaway; this would be perfect for my preschool aged daughter, who is NOT going to preschool. I can use all the tools I can get to help teach her the basics at home.

  3. Something i learned from IBW-Books was that through story telling process, it gives children the opportunity to learn and play at the same time. This is actually a great thing because I know when I was a young one this is exactly the way I learned, it doesn’t get boring!

  4. would be a great business to join because it’s easy, only interactive multimedia book, they get paid as soon as thier story time ready part ends and the books are less expensive.

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    thanks for this! My little brother and sisters would really benifit from this giveaway!

  6. When do IBW Booksellers get paid?

    The minute their Story Time Reading Party ends!

  7. IBWs are the only interactive, multimedia book

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