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PhotobucketIt’s that time again…..Thursday’s You Capture Challenge. I have to say I totally love this meme. It really gets my mind racing and thinking. I love a challenge especially in photography. I was excited because today is one of my favorite forms of photography …Black and White photos.

Now, I HATE to be photographed in black and white. I really don’t like the way “I” look in Black and white photos (yes, I know the photo in my header is b&w but that is an exception). I am referring as a general rule… I don’t like it.

BUT! I love to take pictures of others in Black and white. So here are my entries…sorry they are a lot!

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I love the fact that changing this to black and white really allowed you to see the variation in the petals and center of the flower.

DSC_0436_2One of my favorite photos. Such serenity and sweetness.

P2180051_1My husband actually took this photo. Just seems kind of rustic and cool against the wood fence. I wonder what secret they were sharing?

P1120006_2Sea World has a little display of otters. They are some of the most playful creatures at the park. This little guy was just chilling with his breakfast.

P6120137_2Every time I see this photo…I can’t help but crack up. I wonder what the other little girls were thinking?

P5060375_2Always willing to pose for a picture…that’s my girls!


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9 Responses to “You Capture – Black & White”

  1. What beautiful pictures! I love how changing a photo to black and white can give it awhole new look and deeper meaning.

  2. Wow! Precious photos…I especially like your husband’s pic of the two girls and the ballet one. The expressions on those two girls’ faces are priceless!

  3. Oh wow – some wonderful photos! I was struck by the sweetness of the fence photo and really loving in. Then I got to the dance photo and that is so perfect it looks staged! All the faces and the body language – perfect!

  4. beautiful pictures!
    love the one your hubby took!

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  6. these are GORGEOUS photos! I especially like the rustic one and the ballerinas. I wonder what they were thinking too!

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