I Am Outta Here!

I am not a happy camper right now…if you wonder why the IE Mommy is so quiet the next couple of days…well, it’s because I have had a “wonderful” (read with sarcasm) flare up of Carpal Tunnel!

I received CT after many wonderful years working in an Executive Assistant position. I have never filed a claim, had surgery or worried about but I guess with all the time I have been spending writing reviews lately…the pain caught up to me.
Let’s not forget I have a few personal issues  to worry about this week.

Anyway…I am not complaining…truly I am not! But I will be off the computer till Thursday. All giveaways will be extended until I get back on Thursday if they happen to end before that date…so enjoy the extra time to enter.

So…to leave you with something to chew on. Tell me, what is the worst surgery, accident, incident  that has ever happened to you?


~ by iemommy on July 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “I Am Outta Here!”

  1. omg funny you ask! i was drunk at my house when I was about 23yrs old. I wanted to go to bed {passout} in my living room, but my BFF wouldn’t let me for GOD knows why?!?!? she insisted on me riding on her back to my room….she was more drunk than i, i must add!!! all in all….we FELL. she fell just right on my feet and i was screaming. i couldn’t walk. my roomy and bff thought i was just a whimp so they put me to bed. i woke up and BOTH feet were blk and blue and swollen SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD! i went to the quick care and had broken BOTH feet! that was really fun the next few months walking on two casts with crutches! agh

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