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Kokopax™ was founded in 2007 by Sarah Spoor.  As a mother of  four young children, Sarah discovered the benefits of the old Gerry backpacks purchased at thrift shops. She and her Timelinehusband Lincoln relied on the lightweight carriers to carry their infants and still keep track of their other children while cooking, traveling or attending school activities. The carriers became a necessity for everyday life.  While she loved their functionality, Sarah found the style outdated.  With this in mind, she embarked on a mission to develop a new modern and fashionable lightweight framed carrier with enhanced style and functionality that could be used every day, everywhere.

We’ve come a long way in the last year and a half. Our mission was to create a beautiful, lightweight baby backpack carrier that would help parents survive everyday life, everywhere.

We’ve added some fun accessories to coordinate with the carrier. The tote was designed with a practical, fashionable mom in mind. Whoever is tired of schlepping a huge, heavy diaper bag is in luck. This tote is fun, lightweight and gorgeous.

At the kitchen table, long after our babies were asleep, my husband and I thought about a company name. It came easily, from two of my favorite childhood books, Pattycake and Koko’s Kitten. I used to love monkeys and gorillas because they were the next best thing to a real baby. They also carry their babies on their backs. The “pax” play seemed logical because it sounds like “packs,” but means “peace” in Latin. We are all for peace when it comes to carrying babies.**



I have quickly become a big fan of Kokopax. While my girls are now big enough to carry their own backpacks I all too well remember the days of  “trying” to shop and get errands done. DSC_8769_2

So, while I wasn’t able to review the Kokopax carrier I was able to review the wonderful Kokopax tote.  I received a fashionable tote in the Sailor Pattern and was delighted the moment I saw it.

Let’s talk design…the Kokopax is a roomy 18” x 4 ½” x 18”, with a wide range of inside pockets and stunning tan, sage and coffee stripped pattern. It is gorgeous! Fashionable, durable and useful. I am in heaven!  Here are the  sensational features:


  • includes an attachable mini-tote
  • made of 100% cotton canvas
  • durable nylon lining
  • three deep convenient pockets
  • separate zipper pocket
  • key fob
  • bottle/beverage compartment
ToteMore1Now you may be thinking “Why do you want to carry a diaper bag when your girls are big?”.

My answer: While I don’t carry bottles and diapers anymore I definitely carry toys, juice boxes, gold fish crackers, swimsuits, towels, books, home work, bibles, hats, sunglasses and even a flip flop or two! I don’t even remember the last time (since becoming a mom) that I only carried my wallet, keys and cell phone!
The Kokopax is called a “mom tote” for a reason. You simply don’t stop being a mom just because your children are getting older. Heck, I think I am stuck carrying more items then when they were babies. Normal purses don’t cut it when it comes to space, inside pockets and zippered compartments.  A normal, everyday purse gets bulkier and heavier as you place items inside.
The Kokopax tote was a blessing and no one, NO ONE thought it was a diaper bag. You should have seen their reaction when I would tell them.  One friend (not married, no children) ToteMore2wanted to know where she could get one because it was so darn cute and that was after I told her it was a diaper bag.
Whether you are a new mom, old mom or not even a mom…you are going to love this versatile, affordable, durable Kokopax tote. Motherhood looks so stylish with Kokopax!


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**Information obtained from the Kokopax Press Kit and/or Website.


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  1. Kokopax is one of the best new carriers on the market today. So comfortable and easy to use.

  2. I love diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags! I have a Zosephine in orange, and I get so many compliments on it. People are surprised to hear it’s a diaper bag!

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