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Tie Buddies™ was born in January 2007 by inventor and mother of two, Wendy Welling.  As she lay next to her younger daughter, she kept thinking that there simply had to be a better way to help her children learn to tie their own shoes!

Thus in April 2007 this mother of two independent shoe-tying daughters created her own company, Widget Works, Inc, and launched Tie Buddies™ into the market.

asBegin with the widest part of the Tie Buddy at the top, holes facing up. Thread the lace up through the closest tunnel, then out the top and down through the second, outer tunnel.

abHolding the TIPS of the laces, make an “X” and wrap one end through the hole and pull tight.

acGrasp just below your Tie Buddies

4aPass the left Tie Buddy (character) behind the other’s back

5a …and back around in front


Now finish by pushing that Tie Buddy (character) back
through the hole

Now grab both the Tie Buddies (characters) and pull up and away until your bow is tight
You’ve done it!  You can tie your shoes!



With all the “Velcro” and “slip on” shoes that are on the market right now I hadn’t even thought about teaching the twins to tie their shoes. Seriously…I am such a dummy. tie-buddy-1

But when I saw the Tie Buddies a light went on and I was like “Duh! What have I been waiting for?”.  We went on a hunt to find shoes with laces never realizing what a challenge that would be. We did manage to find some Converse sneakers that had shoes laces and not Velcro.

With a pair of pink flower converse and a pair of  red hightops  we were off to learn how to tie our shoes. Now I remember being a little girl and my cousin trying to teach and it didn’t seem very easy back then to me so I was expecting the same outcome with the twins.

I slipped on the Tie Buddies explained to them how they worked, showed them  a step by step routine and they were off!

Thanks to the Tie Buddies, Skylar managed to do it on her first try! It took Rylan a couple of times and repositioning of the tie buddies so they were just right! But they got it! Much quicker then I would have imagined!

My little girls can now tie their shoes, their skirts and even mama’s aprons! Yeah! Thanks Tie Buddies!



One (1) Lucky IE Mommy readers will a Tie Buddies Set!


Ends MIDNIGHT (PST) – August 6th
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on The IE Mommy Blog
Contest Open to U.S. Residents Only at this time.


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**Information obtained from the Tie Buddies Press Kit and/or Website.

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  2. The boy ones are racecars which my son would love! Thanks so much for the chance. This would be perfect for my son to learn to tie his shoes hopefully before school starts.

  3. I tweeted at

  4. They have a mixed case which contains girls fairy and magic wand and boys race car. I really like this one.

  5. Tie Buddies eliminates the frustrating ‘bunny ears or loops’ that just confuse children as they learn to tie.

    These would be really helpful I think!

  6. You are a Technorati Favorite of mine!

    Tech name: rubymoon

  7. Tie Buddies were invented by mom Wendy Welling. I hope I win!

  8. I made you a Technorati Favorite!

  9. I just sent an e-mail to 3 friends and CC:’d you. Can you tell I really want to win??

  10. I sooo need this! I have a 6 and 4 year old who need to learn soon! We had a tough time with the 11 year old. (He learned when he was bout 6 or 7). I remember learning to tie in school!
    juliesweeps at

  11. Tie Buddies was born in January 2007 by inventor and mother of two, Wendy Welling.

  12. Tie Buddies act as easy pull-tabs for small hands, taking messy loops out of the equation.

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