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Classy Nail Files, LLC was created to bring a vibrant line of durable and unique hand painted and colored crystal glass nail files to consumers, gift stores, spas and beauty product distributors across North America.

Crystal glass nail files are an environmental and innovative coup that garnered the coveted file_fan“Prix de L’Innovation H. Pierantoni” in 1999. The dense etching in the highly-tempered glass is very smooth for a delicate finish yet durable for lifetime use. The files are laminate and contaminate free, and offer superior hygiene because they can be easily sterilized and offer no porous surface for absorption of germs. Once a customer has used a Classy Nail File, no other nail file will do.

Make a fashion statement with our vibrant collection of unique crystal glass nail files, where you’ll find a design to suit your personality and your passions. Our robust lineup features a full line of hand painted and colored crystal glass nail files in perfect sizes for portability or professional use.

Key Features of Classy Crystal Nail Files:

• All files are double-sided.
• Files can be sterilized with heat, autoclave, liquid and UV lighting.
• Files can be used on natural or artificial nails. Dipping the file in water while using on artificial nails is recommended.
• The filing surface is created out of the file body, thus it will never wear out.
• Gives nails a remarkably flawless edge that’s free of rough spots. Using the file on a regular basis, chipping and peeling of the nail will be reduced.
• The files are hardened, making it 74% stronger than common glass. Because they are glass, care still must be used with the file.
• Environmentally friendly in construction and use



right_col4I have very thick nails but they tend to break and easily chip. Usually, I hate to admit this, when they do I just bite them off. Yes, I know not the best thing to do.

I have found that metal files make my nails too rigid when I use them. Disposable nail files seem to make more of a mess then help. I have never really found a file that left my nail smooth, snag-free and shapely…until now.

I love the Classy Nail file. I have seen similar files in high-end fashion shops but never owned one until now.  They are fantastic. Very elegant and fashionable and they work so well!  They leave my ragged edges smooth enough to touch silk and that’s saying something!

Classy Nail Files are gentle and effective. Easy to clean and gentle enough to use on babies. Classy Nails files will help you get the perfect set of nails you were dreaming of.



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**Information obtained from the Classy Nail Files Press Kit and/or Website.


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