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Stress Matters


Stress and Exercise Physiologist Jenny Evans Weighs in on

How Stress Can Effect Your Overall Health, Well-Being & Performance

Whether you’re studying for final exams, struggling to make monthly bill payments or dealing with pressures in the workplace – right now it seems everyone is overwhelmed. To add even more stress, the state of our economy has Americans on edge and wondering if they will lose their current job. According to the American Psychological Association, stress in the workplace is costing U.S. business $300 billion a year as a result on the loss of productivity, absenteeism, turnover andincreased medical costs caused by stress at work. image001

For years, the marketing industry has tried to come up with ways to help Americans get rid of their stress – from gadgets such as stress balls and aromatherapy oils & candles to sleep sound machines and herbal teas – solutions for stress is plentiful but are they effective and realistic? Jenny Evans, Stress & Exercise Physiologist and Creator of PowerHouse Hit The Deck™, says “stress will never go away completely.  It’s not about eliminating the factors that cause your stress; it’s more about training the body to adapt and recover from it more successfully.

Scientific research shows that as little as 30 to 60 seconds of briefmaximal exercise increases endorphin levels and can combat stress. Jenny says that many women and men suffer from “exercise guilt,” in which they plan to exercise during certain times and never end up fitting it in. “People are constantly telling me that they need an exercise plan that they can add to their day without feeling like it is a burden, or feeling guilty if they don’t do it.  I wanted to create a fun and convenient fitness tool for everyone’s busy schedule.” Jenny has used a combination of necessity and experience to guide her in creating PowerHouse Hit The Deck™

image002What is PowerHouse Hit The Deck™?

PowerHouse Hit The Deck is an innovative fitness device for at home or on-the-go that tones the body while burning off stress hormones.  The easy-to-use, cost-conscious product consists of a programmable interval timer and 30 cards divided into three categories: No SweatingI’m Glistening and Sweating Buckets. Retail Cost: $19.99                                                                                                              


Each category contains exercises that challenge all major muscle groups for a comprehensive total body strength-training and cardiovascular workout, using no equipment.  The length of each workout is determined by how many cards are selected and timed using an interval timer.  Jenny recommends beginning with 30-second intervals unless the user is new to intense physical activity. 


PowerHouse Hit The Deck™ makes it easy to get a great workout each and every time.  It is conveniently designed to be used for 30 minutes straight or in small 10 minute sessions which can be completed throughout the day. 


Fitness Anywhere

PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ provides a cardiovascular and resistance training program that can be done anytime, anywhere with no fitness equipment perfect for any environment – from your hotel room, your backyard or your living room. Whatever your lifestyle, PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ is the perfect lifestyle companion for the fit-minded individual. It’s the answer to the call for the ultimate portable personal trainer.



About PowerHouse Hit The Deck


PowerHouse Hit The Deck™ is a scientifically designed fitness program that tones the body while burning off stress hormones and can be used for adapting to stress.  The portable and easy-to-use fitness program can be done anywhere, anytime and does not require any fitness equipment. For more information please visit:


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