Carpal Tunnel and Jury Duty


Ok, so….as some of you probably noticed I was a little behind in my posts, reviews and tweeting this week! Whew! What a week. A huge thanks to all the companies, sponsors and PR personnel that were kind enough to understand my situation.

The week started off innocently enough when  I took some time off due to a Carpal Tunnel flare up. I experienced CT years ago when I worked in the Administrative field. Too much time on the computer finally catches up to you. Thankfully I never had to have surgery or take any kind of pain medication!

When I became a stay at home mom…it just wasnt’ an issue and it never bothered me. With the amazing growth of the blog I am on the computer a lot more then before.

Finally, one day,  when my pinky and ring fingers decided to act as if rigor mortis set in…I knew that I was having a major flare up and restriction from the computer was a must!

Now, here I thought I’d just take it easy when I remembered that I had received a notice from the county  court about jury duty.

I called the jury number. My fingers crossed hoping that they wouldn’t need me but of course, they did. UGH!! While I am all for civic duty and am without a doubt loyal to my country it just wasn’t my idea of how I wanted to spend time…especially if I had time away from the computer coming. Know what I mean?

With my past work experiences and the current work my husband does I just didn’t think they would want me as a juror. Really does any defense want someone that has the Professor of Protection has her husband?

But…they did! I have never ever served on a jury before so I was trying to make this a learning experience. Well after two days of a trial and two and half days of deliberation it was a hung jury!

I never ever thought that I would max out the 100,000 words a day a woman supposedly has but I did and more!! The end result was 10 to 2 and wouldn’t you know it…I was one of the 2. Now, I am not going to say whether the “guilty” verdict or the “not guilty” verdict was the majority because it really doesn’t matter. What matters was the pounding I received on the last day because I wouldn’t go with the “flow”.

I never, ever realized how many people take this personally. Now, I am a Christian (if you read this blog then you know that). I have shared my faith with people that didn’t want to hear it…and you know what? I can understand that response. In fact, on some level, I expect it.

But to become irate, belligerent and curse because someone sees the law and facts different then you…well, I was completely, without a doubt, taken back. I left the court house each night drained and tired.

By nature, I am not a confrontational person. But for this week I not only had to completely, firmly stand my ground, I had to be articulate and eloquent in how I presented my arguments and ideas. It was as if every ounce of my mind, spirit and heart were on alert trying to understand and comprehend each jurors ideas and thoughts while expressing mine clearly.

I am glad it is over and I am truthfully glad it ended as it did.  I found in myself the belief in my abilities to be a communicator and orator.  It confirmed to me that I do have the gift of gab but it is more then that… I have the ability to compile, compose and present my ideas articulately, eloquently and in a way others can follow.

I found that the fairest way to give someone a chance is to admit that another group of 12 may be better equipped to make that decision you are.  I learned that people get beyond upset when you just don’t see things there way…regardless of the subject. I learned that there are people that can passionately argue the opposite of your view point yet can be civil and kind when it all over.

I learned a lot about people, the court system and the judicial system during my week on jury duty but mostly I learned that I am stronger then I thought I was a week ago.


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  2. Ummm.. I had been called for Jury Duty… but I was supposed to be on Vacation…. I ended up on STaycation. I called them the day the letter came and told them I was going out of state.. I was!!! but then my mom’s illness didn’t allow us to leave to go away. Instead I have been doing little day trips now and then. I feel bad about the Jury Duty.
    They did say my name would be in the list again, but wondering how that will work since I run a At home Daycare with usually 6 kiddos from 6 diff families.. Plus My mom lives with me and she is ill.. I have served before and found it interesting.
    Just this time in my life I would like to see someone else do it I guess. Sorry it was such a pain for you.
    Glad the CT is a little better.
    Take Care

    • Hi Maureen,
      You would more then likely be excused. The started out with 45 people to choose from and excused 29 because of one thing or another and the remaining four never even got “up to bat”. I was excited about the concept because I had never served before just the people were uh, difficult, lol…ok you can read “mean”.

  3. WOW what a week. I know a lot about juries so I know how you feel. Welcome back!

  4. I’m proud of you for stating your beliefs and carefully considering those of others. That is certainly not easy. You took the job as juror more seriously than most, I think. In the end, you came out stronger and with more self-awareness, as you said. Chalk it up to a good learning experience to use in your daily life!
    Glad to have you back to blogging 🙂

    • Hey Tammy, thanks for the positive feedback. I totally agree with you that it was a learning experience. Glad to be back though, most definitely!

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