Small Talk Six – Weird Things With My Body?

smalltalksix3001The Small Talk Six question for the weekend: “6 things you can do with your body that someone else might find strange.”

Lol, ok…really…does this subject need an intro? No! I don’t think so, weird is weird is weird…so here I go.

1)I can lift my right eyebrow independently from my left on demand with a hesitation. Great for expressions!

2) I can pick up objects with my toes. Very handy when I don’t feel like bending down

3)I can crack my thumb just by bending it.

4) I can mentally calculate the amount of a discount on a sale faster then a calculator

5) I can smell cigarette smoke from a mile away (YUCK!) and I can smell clove cigarettes from 2 miles away (yum! I don’t smoke at all I just like the smell of cloves and it always makes me stop in my tracks to smell it)

6) I walk like a duck. Not playfully but really that’s is how I walk if I am not paying attention. I am the complete opposite of pigeon toed. My toes turn out and my heels hit. I realized a long time that I am a bit knocked knee’d so in order for my knees to walk in the right direction my feet turn out….unless I am wearing heels or very conscience of it.  Now, you all think I am really weird, lol!

Your turn. Join the fun at Small Talk Six!


~ by iemommy on August 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Small Talk Six – Weird Things With My Body?”

  1. I can do #1 too! I’m jealous over #4 though…I can never do that in my head! Great list! 🙂

  2. great list

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