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If you have children, then you know the trouble with sleeping children in car seats. Their poor little heads bob and flop from front to side to side. It’s an uncomfortable thing to watch as a parent, and can be harmful to their necks and spines.photo1nomerge

That’s why I decided to develop the Head Snuggler™. It’s designed to properly support a child’s head and neck while he/she rests in the car seat (or simple umbrella stroller) to not only provide more comfort for kids, but peace of mind for parents.

Knowing how my own children love using their Head Snugglers™, I knew other children and parents would benefit from it as well.

Your child will sleep in a safer and more comfortable position, and you will feel at ease knowing that they are in a safer position for their neck and spine.**

Usage Tips

  • The Head Snuggler™ should be usable on most infant, toddler and booster car seats. (If your booster seat doesn’t have a back, simply use the Head Snuggler™ with your own vehicle’s head rests.
  • Position the Head Snuggler™ around the back of your child’s car seat. If your tether strap is directly at the top of the seat, feed the tether through the hole in the middle of the top seam of the Head Snuggler™, then secure the seat again.photo3nomerge
  • When pulling the Head Snuggler™ in place around your child’s head, be sure to get it snuggly across their forehead. You can even cover their eyes with the Head Snuggler™ for added shade, just be sure not to pull it down any further or your child may become uncomfortable. (Never pull the Head Snuggler™ down around your childs full face).
  • You can adjust the height that the Head Snuggler™ falls to by rolling it up if necessary.
  • You can also use the Head Snuggler™ on standard Umbrella Strollers that don’t have the brims that pull forward for shade. Simply feed the stroller handles through the two holes at the edges of the top seam of the Head Snuggler™. (See picture for illustration)
  • As with use on car seats, adjust to a comfortable height for your child in the umbrella stroller, rolling up if needed. **



I am a big proponent for car safety for children. It started when the twins were very, very little.  On the drive home from the hospital I remember being terrified because they were way too small for their infant carriers. Regardless of what the nurses said! We had to go out and purchase the preemie flat car seat/bed carriers because they were so itty bitty and I was so paranoid about their safety.

When they became old enough to ride in a booster seat…I marched right out and purchased two.  I was so excited to not have to use those massive car seats. But then I noticed that my little ones sure did wiggle a lot and play around a bit too much…it made me paranoid (again). Once again….regardless what the “law”….my judgement as a mom said they were obviously too small to be in a booster.   You can view the age and weight requirements for car seats at The AAP.

I remember seeing a video on  how a little one lost their life because their car seat wasn’t right for them and decided to go on the hunt for the best seat I could find.  I found the Britax Regent to be the perfect seat. The twins can ride in this until they weigh 80lbs and are 53″ tall. We have a long way to go before they hit that point.  It is a 5 point harness and for once I feel confident my girls are safe.snugglerphotonomerge

While I realize this is not a “car seat” review….I mention all that to say. The HeadSnuggler is a wonderful, convenient safety feature for any mom with children. It will give you a piece of mind and hear that your little one’s neck and spine are a bit more safe then before.

When the twins were babies I would ride in the back and hold their little heads up. It hurt me so much to see them slouched over like that. I know they are more limber and agile then adults but really, how can that position not hurt?

As they have gotten older and we are out and about more often by ourselves I can not tell you the number of times I have seen their little bodies and necks slouched over and my heart just breaks!

When I showed them the super cute Head Snugglers (by the way…I received one for each of them, how rockin’ is that?)…I thought they would be stubborn and not like the idea. Wow, was I wrong. They thought they were so cool. Score! No problem at all. In fact as we were on our way to the store (about 10 minutes away) they were trying so hard to fall asleep because they wanted to test them out.

I will admit they were a bit difficult to wiggle on to the car seat. But the Britax’ are rather bulky so I would believe my situation was in the minority not the majority.

I loved the concept that this is not a product solely for infants and toddlers. It was a blessing to my little girls (who are 6) and their little necks….but you can easily use it for an adult in the front seat of the car as well.

Well priced, well made and a phenomenal yet simple concept. Head Snuggler is definitely something you’d want to get for your little one…because the other option is seeing them all slouched over and really, you can’t tell me that  doesn’t that just break your heart?



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**Information obtained from the Head Snuggler Press Kit and/or Website.


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