Spotlight on “Click Free Backup Units” (Review)




You won’t believe how easy Clickfree™ is! Click on the photo of the ClickFree 120GB Storage Capacity, Standard Unit in Black Chasis finish and learn how Click Free can literally save your computer, your sanity and your memories!




After you see the video  you will understand why I love the ClickFree Unit that I received to review. I literally have 10, 000 photos on one computer and another 8, 000 on my second computer.

I believe the last 3 years of the girls lives are documented in photos on my computer. How would I feel if I lost everything? I don’t have a lot of important files or documents. I don’t receive bills or banks statements on line so I am not concerned with that….but my pictures!! My heart beats at the mere thought of losing them.

I couldn’t’ imagine not having them. I have some amazing shots that I am beyond proud of and never in my wildest dreams thought I could take. But if they were gone….what? It’s almost like they never happened.

ClickFree was easy, fool proof and quick to use. Just plug it in and let the system do the rest. The video above (click on the Clickfree Unit) does not exaggerate the ease of the Click Free System.

I love my computer but as far as being computer literate and knowing how to work programs, download programs and so on…I’d give myself a low “B” and that is being generous.

ClickFree works great even if you give yourself a “F” in computer knowledge.

Look, it’s okay to give yourself a “F” in computers but don’t give yourself that “F” because you messed up and forget to get a ClickFree unit!



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**Information obtained from the ClickFree Press Kit and/or Website.


~ by iemommy on August 5, 2009.

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