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Karito Kids® Introduces 2009 International Travel Charmers™

Multicultural Karito Kids® dolls (www.karitokids.com) go on educational visits to new
places each year as Karito Kids International Travel Charmers™. Soft, cuddly and
collectible, each 16″ multicultural doll features a beautiful embroidered face and
brushable, silky hair. Each doll wears current fashions inspired by the country she
visits, and comes with a collectible charm as a souvenir of her trip. The charm can be
added to a matching Travel Charmers Bracelet (sold separately).
A portion of each Karito Kids Travel Charmers purchase goes to help others. Using
the online code included with every doll, kids can visit KaritoKids.com and choose to
direct the donation from their purchase to one of four causes: school, home, health
or food.

International Travel Charmers® 2009

· Gia from Italy visits Greece, after a trip to France in 2008.
· Lulu from Kenya visits Egypt, after a trip to Madagascar in 2008.
· Wang Ling from China visits Russia, after a trip to Japan in 2008.
· Pita from Mexico visits Argentina, after a trip to Brazil in 2008.
· Zoe from America visits England, after a trip to Canada in 2008.
· The newest Karito Kid, Piper from Australia, visits Ireland.

The newest Karito Kids Travel Charmers dolls (ages 3+) retail for $19.99 and are
available at www.karitokids.com in mid-September.TC Group travels to

About the Company

Karito Kids started with a simple goal: to help Kids Give. Children around the world
want to aid others, and they share similar hopes and dreams despite their
differences. In 2007, this philosophy inspired the founding of KidsGive and its
multicultural line of dolls and books, Karito Kids. The name Karito [`ka-ree`-toe],
meaning charity and love of one’s neighbor, comes from the constructed
international language, Esperanto. A portion of every Karito Kids purchase supports
children’s humanitarian projects worldwide. The company’s core commitments to
charity and global awareness have attracted industry and media attention, resulting
in dozens of prestigious awards, including the #1 Toy of the Year. Learn more about
the Karito Kids line of books and dolls at www.karitokids.com. Visit the KidsGive®
website at www.kidsgive.com to find out more about the Los Angeles-based
company and the causes funded by every Karito Kids purchase.


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