Spotlight on “Timex Ironman Watch” (Review)

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We all know the name. We all know the product. Timex!

Times has long been a  household name and a symbol of quality and reliability. Now, may I introduce to that list of adjectives…endurance, sportsmanship and style.

I was asked ot review the IRONMAN* Triathlon® Sleek Fitness Tracker.

I admit that at first I laughed a bit…I am about as far away from an IRONMAN as one can possible get (but I do know people t hat compete in them…seriously, I do!)

But I was intrigued with the watch and the concept and said a definite yes to the request. I was expecting a very big and bulky watch similar to a man’s watch. I was pleasantly surprised when I found a sleek, black, stylish watch had arrived at my doorstep.


Stay fit by tracking calories, pace, distance and steps.  Great watch for walkers, runners or athletes of any level.

I am going to explain why I like the IRONMAN* Triathlon® Sleek Fitness Tracker in simple terms: I am a dork!

I don’t think a lot about calories, 10,000 steps or how many carbs I intake. Not that I am not interested but having been thin the first 30 years of my life didn’t really give me an incentive to worry about those things.

The last decade has been different. I have had to “learn”  to think about important things like: sugar, carbs, calories, fat and how many steps I take during the day.  I know that is why I get so excited doing reviews for exercise and health items…because my mind is learning to grow in new directions.

All that to say that the IRONMAN* Triathlon® Sleek Fitness Tracker motivated me to keep on track. It was a silent reminder on my arm that I didn’t need to park at the first stall when grocery shopping…it is better for me (and my car) to park farther away. It reminded me  that I can blow my daily goal on left over Gold Fish and Mac ‘n Cheese or I can have a small healthier treat during the afternoon.

It was if I had a “good friend” consistently reminding me of what I should or shouldn’t do. I don’t know what will motivate you to become more  healthy. Maybe you already are a IRONMAN? But for moms and women, like myself, that need a little motivation…what works better then a good friend?




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**Information obtained from the Timex Press Kit and/or Website.


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