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I received two items to review from Connexxions. The first item was a set of Connexxion Cards:

Connexxions Cards are a solution for any woman who’s sick of scrounging for last week’s grocery list in the bottom of her purse to write down an appointment, girls’ night out or play date.

Each 3.5” x 2.5” hinged tin comes complete with 25 mini-invites, 5 of each style, and a pencil to write down your plans. Click the link below each image for full size image.**

For Babes with Babes

ConnexxionsCards_BabesLoResThis is just the cutest concept. When you have children you are always making “play dates”. Generally you write the other family’s information on the back of a receipt or a napkin. At least that is what I do. Then, of course, I lose the napkin or receipt.  Which in turn makes me feel as if I am totally ignoring the other mom. But I am not, I swear!

When I opened the box of Babes for Babes cards I instantly had a favorite. TheSOS” card – Save your Sanity – Take a break on me! I thought I was being subtle when I handed those to my nieces and sisters in the hopes that they would hand it back to me, get it? But they just laughed and commented how cute they were. So much for my luck at getting free babysitting.  The Babes for Babes also has an “It’s a Play Date” card which is wonderful when you find a mom AND kids you all like. If you are a mom you know that is a feat in itself!

The next item I reviewed was one of those “Why didn’t I think of it” ideas! Aren’t these adorable and fun? My family is a bit slow we generally just use a black sharpie but having your own stylish cup is always a much better idea. The “Girls Night Out” cups are a sensational hit and instantly give your guest something to gab about (yes, I know we ladies don’t need a lot of help). You can choose from 8 “IceBreaker” Cup styles or 8 “Cocktale” Styles.5c521cd96bd4c310bccd636824d1d518

Connexxions was created for women in my age group. Women that still enjoy having fun, getting together and sharing life and laughter but don’t have a ripped micro mini in their closet or an AARP membership.

Life doesn’t stop when you hit 40 or when you have children and while a lot of the Connexxion products were created with my age demographic in mind…they can be used by anyone. Don’t tell me your husband’s friends wouldn’t get a kick out of the Sports Icebreaker or that you couldn’t come up with a couple of ideas for the “By Day, By Night” cups. Of course, every occassion, event or party needs the “Hello, I am______” cups.

Swing on by Connexxions, tell them the IE Mommy sent you, and get a kick out of all the great products that will help you to connect.



Connexxions was created by Christa Sorauf, Lesley Johnson, and Stacey Massengale – three women who happen to be part of a very large demographic: women who are too old for the diva thing, but not old enough to put on a red hat and a purple dress.

Unable to find gifts and products that spoke to them, the three put their savvy, creative, and successful minds together and came up with a line of games, stationery, cards, and gifts for that group of ladies most companies just don’t get. They named their product line Connexxions – spelled with two x’s to represent the XX chromosome of women and their inherent strengths and bonds.**

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    **Information obtained from Connexxions Press Kit and/or Website.


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