Spotlight on “FlexFlop – Emergency FlipFlops” (Review)




I am busy surfing the net when I stumble across some information on FlexFlop...being the Type A personality that I am…I need to know more! topgroup_old

What did I find out? FlexFlops ROCK!

Let’s talk “dirt” on these adorable Fashionista flip flops. The entire concept is that there will be days where your feet hurt from wearing heels all day,  or you decide at the last minute you need a pedicure (Do you really want to wear paper flip flops?) or that you just don’t want to hassle with having to pack extra shoes when going away on a weekend vacation.

All of the above scenarios and many more apply to the FlexFlop. I am confident the average woman can think of 100’s of opportunities where having a pair of FlexFlops in your purse would be a blessing.

new13obsessedI received a super cute pair of white terry cotton FlexFlops that were buttery soft to my little feet. I instantly fell in love with them when I slipped them on. Of course, I had to go get a pedicure and truly test them out.  Wow! You should have seen the faces of the ladies around me when I pulled out my very own pair of “Emergency flip flops”. Their mouths literally dropped as I opened up my little white matching purse with the word “Glam” in glittery pink bling on the front. I had to giggle to myself. It was so fun being that cool for just a moment.

It is now my habit to carry my FlexFlops in my purse for just those moments where my feet need a little pampering. They work great on days where we have had field trips or adventures to amusement parks. You know that feeling where your feet just feel tired and hot. Where the socks or laces have rubbed your foot raw and they just want to be out of your shoes! No? Ok, well take my word for it…it is a rotten feeling. But once again, my Hot Mama“Emergency Flip Flops” come to the rescue.

With so many styles, colors and designs you will find a perfect pair (or two) for yourself. It is a great gift for Christmas too. You know you always have those “hard to buy” for people…the ones that have everything. This would be perfect!

FlexFlops even has a line of  “BlingBling Cosmetic Bags” and “Emergency Gift Packs”. Check out my favorite Hot Mama Emergency Gift Pack.

As a mom you just never know when an emergency will pop up….and don’t tell me needing a Pedicure isnt’ an emergency. Lol…we all know it is!

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  • What is a flexflop?

    The first “Emergency” flip-flop that folds in half and comes packaged in a matching pouch. Give your feet a break! Treat them to a pair of flexflops, the first portable “emergency” flip-flop that folds in half and comes packaged in a matching makeup-style pouch. Every fashionista has a back up plan for those unexpected emergencies. She has the perfect little black dress and the handy little black bag, so why not a classic little black flexflop? All girls know that fabulous heels bring the right style, but they are not always practical or comfortable! Remember to keep flexflops with you at all times– your feet will thank you.


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    **Information obtained from the FlexFlop Press Kit and/or Website.


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