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~ by iemommy on August 10, 2009.

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  2. I’ll be using it as a “go bag” during hurricane season!!!

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  4. I’m gonna use it as my go bag for hurricane season here in FLA!

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  7. jewelry, scrapbook stuff, pill containers

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  10. I would use the AbbyRoo as a first aid kit while traveling. Having a boy around usually means bug bites or scrapes WILL happen!
    I love ALH’s idea to use it as a hurricane bag…I’m in FL too…so this would definitely be handy for that use!

  11. I am an IE Mommy email subscriber.

    I think I would like to have the Cheer bag…

  12. I would use the Abby Roo as my health bag-for swimming, yoga and exercise classes. There’s plenty oof room for towels, sweaters, bathing cover ups, suntan lotion, etc. And after the club, I could just keep on using Abby Roo.


  13. I’m on the IE Mommy Mailing List.


  14. for when I go shopping

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  16. I would use mine to caryy my packages to the post office every week!

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